We reviewed Glossier cloud paint’s bold new summer colours

Glossier Cloud Paint is no well-kept industry secret, the gel-cream liquid blush has been around in four classically Glossier muted colours (Beam, Haze, Puff and Dusk) for a while, but when we heard two new, bolder shades were coming for summer, we could hardly contain our excitement.

Glossier Cloud Paint Blush in Storm and Dawn, £15 Glossier

REVIEWER: Jen Garside, Engagement Executive

BEAUTY BIO: Fair skin, round-cheeked, I’m in need of a little delicate colour to contour and give the illusion of cheekbones.


I usually wear a powder bronzer across my cheeks (Laura Mercier, to be precise) for a pop of colour, and it’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in cream blusher for fear of it clashing against my foundation formula. I like quite a full face, so while I’m a sucker for a Glossier product (a full Lidstar convert, and a daily user of their Haloscope highlighter), I don’t often use Cloud Paint for want of a stronger look.

With the general rule for cream blush being ‘use sparingly’, I added a small dot of both Storm and Dawn to my wrist for a quick swatch, and was glad I did. Boy, are they bold…

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Glossier describe Storm Cloud Paint as “A warm rose shade that leaves a flushed-from-the-cold look on cheeks”. On my wrist, this shade looked like it would be most complementary to my dark lipstick and fair skin, so I decided to try it out first. Upon first dab, I would describe the colour as a muted raspberry-brown that gives a sophisticated, modern take on the classic pink blush.

A tiny amount of product really goes a long way here. I dabbed lightly with my finger, carefully blended into my already set foundation, and was surprised to find that no caking ensued. Like its predecessor Cloud Paint sisters, this bold new Storm shade didn’t seem to mess with my existing base.

On my second cheek, where I’m having a slight breakout, the colour caught slightly and I had to work harder to blend it more subtly – this is a product that probably sits better on a bare cheek. Nevertheless, I fell fast for the new Storm shade, and found it a great, hydrating alternative to a powder blush.


Dawn is described as “A sunny coral, like you spent a restful weekend on a yacht”, and sunny it definitely is. Vibrant and bright, with colour akin to my favourite Tom Ford liquid lipstick, the pigments of Dawn were stronger than many of my eye or lip products – and certainly more intense than any Glossier product I’ve ever experienced.

The tangerine shade complemented my fair complexion reasonably well and would be the perfect sunny colour for a festival or holiday, but I could tell it would be better suited to a darker skin tone than my own. I quickly passed it on to Kiké, who found it complemented her better.

Kiké said “I love the colour pay-off and how easy it is to blend; it literally melts into your skin giving you perfect, slightly flushed cheeks. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well this orange shade complements my skin tone, I think I’ve found my summer blush.”

Here you can see Kiké glowing with Dawn and my cheeks lifted to rosy glory by the Storm shade.


These are two great additions to the shade range of the best cream blushes in town. In true Glossier style, my cheeks were left hydrated to touch and energised in colour. The vibrant shade of Dawn can be a lot for a day-to-day look, but makes a brilliant holiday pop of brightness to any complexion. Storm is a subtle dark rose that I personally found more wearable. The best thing about Cloud Paint? You only need one tiny drop (no really) to see the results. With a little going such a long way, this really is the bargain buy of the summer.

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