How Paris Hilton just melted our cold fashion hearts with this nostalgic naughties collection

Paris Hilton is clutching her beloved Chihuahua in one hand and a pink Motorola RAZR flip phone in the other. I know what you’re thinking… That’s hot.

But what we’re thinking – or rather, questioning – is why this early 2000s vision is filling GLAMOUR HQ with so much joy?! When the press release landed in our inboxes yesterday, you’d be forgiven for thinking Alex had *finally* found a date on Love Island from the squeals bursting from the top floor of Vogue House.

Unfortunately for the seemingly-doomed A&E doctor, it wasn’t his love life that elicited such enthusiasm but rather a somewhat unexpected collaboration collection between The Simple Life star Paris Hilton and high-street e-tailer Boohoo.

No stranger to a big-name-collab, Boohoo have previously enlisted the likes of A-list movie-star Zendaya, award-winning singer songwriter Charlie XCX, and model and Kylie-Jenner-bff Jordyn Woods to create successful collections for the brand.

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But for some reason, their latest feels like their biggest yet. And not just because it boasts a whopping 70 items…

Thanks to her own expertly-crafted image, a mere glance at the collection’s campaign imagery – which boasts the star modelling a smorgasbord of pink tracksuits, metal-mesh dresses and even a pink one-piece swimsuit emblazoned with her most-used phrase ‘That’s hot!’ – stirs a palpable sense of nostalgia and reminiscence amongst an entire generation.

So would you wear it? Despite the overly-glitzy, ironic nature of the collection, this could be Boohoo’s smartest collaboration move yet. Everything this outwardly-frivolous woman touches turns to gold.

A powerhouse entrepreneur and businesswoman who’s best-known for her blonde-haired-blue-eyed aesthetic and ditzy phrases, the 37-year-old is a walking talking oxymoron. But that’s exactly the Paris magic.

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You should never underestimate the power of a genius in disguise… even if that disguise is a velour tracksuit or chainmail choker.

So thank you, Paris, for blessing us with the sartorial opportunity to recreate our glory days. Now to relocate that The Simple Life box set…

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