July 18, 2024

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley reveals the £4 body moisturiser she can’t live without

She’s no novice when it comes to beauty – she’s even got her own website devoted to the topic – and now, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been appointed Global Brand Ambassador for beloved brand Bare Minerals. GLAMOUR catches up with the supermodel to discuss everything makeup to skincare, from brow blunders, to industry-insider hacks, to the £4 body cream she absolutely swears by.

“I’ve had some makeup looks that I’m hoping will never see the light of day”

I’ve had some disastrous beauty looks in my time. I started very much at the bottom of the industry and worked my way up, so at the beginning I was doing some pretty questionable shoots with very bold beauty looks.

Luckily, it was before Instagram and the internet so hopefully they’ll never see the light of day! Let’s just say, I’ve seen so much bad makeup being done on myself that I know what not to do when applying it.

“Everything starts with good skincare”

The best piece of beauty advice I’ve been given is the idea that it all starts with good skincare. Skin is the most important thing – and that’s advice that’s been given to me by makeup artists across the industry. I try and invest in the best products, evolving my skincare as I age or to suit the climate and just learning what works for my skin.

For me, I’m always looking for results-driven products which is why I love the Bare Minerals Skin Longevity range. I also love Oil Obsessed – it’s a firm fixture in my beauty wardrobe because it’s a great way of removing makeup at the end of the day but it’s also a really gentle cleanser for the mornings.

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“When I’m off-duty, I need clean makeup”

I’m a really big fan of the classic Bare Minerals Original Mineral Fondation. I’m blown away by how it works. At first, I was apprehensive and didn’t know how a powder would give me coverage. It couldn’t have surpassed my expectations more. It’s so easy to use, I get the most beautiful, luminous coverage in a minute and then just apply a little concealer where I need. It’s a clean mineral powder, which means it won’t make my skin flare up. When I’m off duty, I love products that are lightweight and have clean benefits.

“I always carry a red lipstick”

The other product I always have with me is a red lipstick. You can wear it so many ways. In the day, I dab it on and wear it as a stain, and night I’ll wear it intense and defined. Sometimes I like to blur the edges a bit so it’s an undone, effortless look. It’s a classic so if you’re in a pinch as to what to do for your makeup look but just want to feel beautiful, you can never go wrong with a red lip.

“If I’m wearing highlighter, there’s one application tip I always use”

I love highlighter but when I’m applying it I will always apply it in direct daylight to make sure it’s blended. It’s the one product that really changes in different lights and if you apply it in a dark room, it can easily look stripy in natural light.

“I’m nervous that skinny brows are making a coming”

I’m really nervous because I feel like it might be coming back … the skinny eyebrow. When I started modelling back in the early 00s, Natalia Vodianova was the girl of the moment and it was all about the full brow. I’ve noticed lately with the Rihanna cover of British Vogue and the whole nineties fashion trends that are back in full force, the next natural extension of that would be the skinny brow and I’m nervous about it. I think it looks great but I also think that everyone who over-plucked their eyebrows back in the day now regrets it and struggled to grow them back.

At the moment, I don’t even pluck my brows. I’ve gone and had them plucked before, I’ve had them shaved in half, I’ve had so many eyebrow disasters over my career that now I’m like, no body gets to touch these brows. Literally, no one. Well, there’s one makeup artist I let touch them and that’s Kate Lee. She’s like an eyebrow queen and she’ll just really subtly trim the edges.

“I swear by the classic Nivea Body Cream”

Every time I use it, I’m like ‘why would anyone use any other body cream? ’. It smells good, it gives the most beautiful sheen and it is so moisturising. I have all these amazing, expensive, gorgeous-smelling creams and I love them but I always come back to the Nivea.

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