This Topshop summer dress is selling for twice the price on eBay

Not their first sell-out success of the summer, Topshop have once again hit the sartorial jackpot with a particularly popular summer dress.

Unlike its predecessor – a khaki, Bardot sleeved dress with mid-length hemline – this week’s popular item comes in a zesty yellow shade with white stripes, a v-neckline and ruffle-layered hemline.

Perfect for a weekend barbecue, fancy dinners and even the office – get yourself a dress that can do all three, we always say – it is so versatile that the high street stalwart saw it fly off the shelves in a matter of days.

And despite re-stocking a number of times, it remains impossible to snap up.

Or so we thought…

Thanks(?) to some seriously savvy shoppers, you *can* get your hands on the dream dress. But it will come at a price. One almost double the original.

Having sold on the brand’s site for £46, it is now being flogged on eBay for upwards of £85.

So, if you were left disappointed by the ‘no longer in stock’ stamp, then you’ve been given a second chance.

Albeit a pricey one…

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