Infrared pants in slimming are important

Recently, with the development of wellness culture in our country, the procedures for correcting the figure become not only effective, but also enjoyable. 

A visit to the Tonus Club is more like a visit to a beauty salon – a good mood is provided, and the result is this: your post-built figure reflected in the mirrors when you leave the club!

The club uses only the latest wellness equipment, classes on which give pleasure and lead to impressive results: getting rid of excess weight, cellulite, fatigue and bad mood.

Tired of jumping in class at fitness clubs? Go to the Tonus club!

One such novelty is pressotherapy. This device, which affects the lymphatic system with compressed air, supplied through a special suit. This massage leads to weight loss, correction of the defects of the figure, getting rid of cellulite, helps to increase the elasticity of tissues, allows you to get rid of edema of various origins and eliminate the flabbiness of the skin, making it supple and smooth.

There are also special programs for the prevention of varicose veins and rehabilitation after liposuction. During this procedure, special pants are put on, in which air is pumped. This creates a pressure difference that drives out excess fluid from the body. Only one procedure replaces 20-30 sessions of manual massage. And most importantly – the result does not disappear quickly and unnoticed, as it happens in those who for one reason or another can no longer engage in fitness.

If you need to pay special attention to the hips, buttocks and waist, then the vacuum simulator will perfectly handle this task , which not only reduces the volume, but also significantly leveles and tightens the skin. Through modern technology, it combines motion and vacuum. You calmly turn the pedals of the simulator, and at this time the vacuum acts on the lower part of the body. It promotes the breakdown of fats in the problem areas of the body and strengthens the connective tissue of the skin. In addition, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced.

Vacuum simulator is designed for those who want to seriously and purposefully accelerate the process of fat burning in the “problem areas”. 

Vibration platform– a vivid example of the use of Olympic technologies in the training of ordinary people. Again, nothing complicated! You get up on the platform through which mechanical vibration is transmitted to the whole body, and you get pleasure. And at this time the muscles in response to vibration begin to automatically contract and relax. The result is strengthening of connective tissue, tightening of muscles. It is very effective to use if you are on a diet: the skin does not hang, but pulls up.

Vibration platform:

• helps to get rid of cellulite,
• corrects the figure,
• promotes weight loss,
• improves complexion, as it enriches tissues with oxygen,

• stimulates lymphatic drainage,
• improves blood microcirculation.

Ten minutes of classes on the vibro platform on the effect are comparable to two hours of fast running or an active game of tennis. No wonder this simulator is so popular in Hollywood! 

For rapid slimming, infrared pants are used. The method is based on heating the body with special infrared sources. Heat rays penetrate the fatty tissues to a depth of 4 cm and cause improvement in blood circulation and acceleration of natural metabolic processes in the body. The effect of “deep heat” is fundamentally different from the effect of the sauna, since in the first case the depth of heating of the tissues is 10-15 times greater. The first session gives an immediate reduction in the waist or hips by 1.5-2.5 cm. Infrared pants are the most modern means for removing fat deposits in problem areas and treating cellulite. Extremely popular in beauty salons and clinics in European countries and are an excellent alternative to surgical methods of fat removal.

Roller Massager– a unique simulator that allows you to perform classic anti-cellulite massage without resorting to the services of a professional masseur. Massaging wooden rollers made of beech, like dozens of fingers caress and smooth the skin, evenly warming and massaging it.

Roller massager:

• breaks down fat deposits and promotes rapid weight loss, significantly reducing the volume of “problem zones”,
• smoothes the skin and helps to completely get rid of cellulite,
• stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, helps to remove toxins,
• strengthens connective tissue, helps with stretching,

• stimulates lymph flow, removes puffiness.

Tone tables are simulators that do all the work for you. The principle of the action of the tonus tables is based on the repeated movements of the part of the table. For each “problem zone” of your body there is a separate technique, implemented by one of the tables. At the same time, toned tables have a massage and relaxing effect. 1 hour of training is comparable in effect with 7 hours of normal exercises!

On the tonic tables there is no unnecessary and harmful load on the spine and cardiovascular system. The load goes directly to a certain group of muscles, so classes are available to people of any age and any level of physical fitness.

In the Tonus Club you can improve the appearance and health without spending huge sums. Just choose the right subscription for you from one month to a year, and this will save your budget!

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