Move Over Florals, Fruit-Inspired Prints Have Taken Over

While we’d like to think we have Beyoncé to thank for the lemon-inspired trend we’re seeing on and off the runways, the reality is that the fashion industry went fruity long before her album came on the scene just over two years ago – and it’s only getting fruitier.

Seriously, you’ll be hard-pressed to scroll through the pages of your favorite store and not find a lemon-inspired outfit (or five), as well as a host of other fruit fashion prints, from watermelon and cherries to pineapple and berries.

“The fashion world has been obsessed with nature’s delicacies since manufacturers began embroidering and printing on fabric decades ago, but, with the advent of technology, food imagery is on the menu in subliminal ways,” says Ty-Ron Mayes, a celebrity stylist who appeared on America’s Next Top Model.

It’s definitely true that food prints were – and still are – forms of wearable art on the runways, with Dolce Gabbana’s cherry-print couture, Jeremy Scott’s Swiss cheese-printed dresses, and Moschino’s recent McDonald’s-inspired runway getups.

So, it’s no surprise that food inspo is still a part of the fashion world today. But it doesn’t have to be just models on runways rocking this fashion statement. Sandy Jung, Canadian stylist and blogger at Chic Stylings says that anyone who has a passion and palette for fashion will find the integration of the two ingenious. “With every other social media post, either a photo of someone’s dinner, dessert or #OOTD, it’s no wonder the trend of food-inspired printed clothing is so popular,” she adds. “Fashion is social and food is social – we all love sharing our senses for style and taste, so why not bring our sweet and salty cravings to the table by wearing them?”

Of course, fruit prints will never replace designer logos, but fashion experts say they can – and should – serve as another course in your closet. Here are some of the sweetest fruit-inspired ensembles to add to your wardrobe this summer 2018.

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