April 15, 2024

The Wardrobe Staples Everyone Needs This Winter

Considering the fact that most of us spent the entirety of last winter cooped up in our homes with few social interactions occurring outside of Zoom, it’s about time that we get a cold weather season during which we can actually flaunt some of the stylish additions to our wardrobe.

And while there are a few trends from last season we hope won’t go anywhere anytime soon (we’re looking at you sweatpants), we are excited for a fresh, fashion-forward winter that involves a bit more style.

“This season’s winter trends are still piggy-backing off of the pandemic’s emphasis on comfort — think functional meets fashionable,” says Lana Blanc, a stylist and personal shopper. “Gone are the uncomfortable 4-inch heels, coats that leave us freezing, and bags that don’t fit anything. ”

But that doesn’t mean winter 2022 fashion trends are lacking flare. From romantic ruching to lug sole boots, this season’s styles are far from boring.

winter fashion trends 2022

Ready to nail the season’s trends? Here are the fashion staples everyone needs in their 2022 winter wardrobe.

Lug sole boots

You might not be familiar with this style, but you’ve probably seen a pair around town. Lug sole boots have a thick rubber sole with indentations that give you trucking-through-the-snow abilities, so you can see why they’re ideal for winter. “What’s great about this trend is that it combines fashion, comfort, and practicality,” says Blanc. “A good lug sole boot can take you from work to dinner in rain or snow. They’re also really easy to rock and look great with everything from leggings and jeans to skirts and dresses. ”


Full Bodysuits

The bodysuit trend is here to stay, and it’s very deserving of a spot in your winter wardrobe. That’s because they’re super practical for winter (hello, layering! ). To take the style to the next level for 2022, consider a full bodysuit, also known as jumpsuits or catsuits. “There are so many ways to wear a full bodysuit, making it a great piece to splurge on this season,” says Tamburin. “Layer it up with a long cardigan or blazer for an office appropriate look or add a hoodie or oversized puffer when heading somewhere more casual. ”

Oversized Puffer Coats

Oversized puffer jackets have been “in” for quite some time, but what makes this season’s trend so unique are the bold colors and large prints, says celebrity wardrobe stylist, Tanya Tamburin. Think an exaggerated take on ski season. Also unlike year’s past, the puffers of today aren’t as cropped — nor are they as long. They hit right around hip-level, which is more functional and more comfortable.

Flare and Wide-Leg Pants

One of the best things about fashion is that it’s cyclical, meaning fashion staples from the past will soon become fashion staples of the future. “Every 25-30 years we see a handful of styles resurrected and reimagined for the modern day,” says Greene. “It appears it’s time for flare and wide-leg pants to make their comeback, as we are seeing them in denim, corduroy, wool blends, and in bold prints and patterns. ” She recommends styling this ’70s throwback with patterned blouses layered under bold colorblock sweaters.

high-rise, pinch-waist jeans


What’s not to love about ruching? The rippled-effect is not only feminine and romantic, it’s super-flattering, too. This winter, you’ll find side-seam ruching, pleated sleeves, draped skirts, fluted busts, and more. Whatever you choose, the charming detail has a way of making any outfit feel a little more special.

Raw Denim

We’ve spent enough time in stretch pants — it’s about time denim had its return to the spotlight. But we’re not talking about just any denim. What’s trending right now is something called “raw denim,” which Maggie Greene, stylist and CEO of Maggie Greene Style, describes as being ethically manufactured with fewer synthetic materials. It also goes without the usual washing and distressing processes, allowing it to better mold to your body. “The durability and texture alone make raw denim a standout material for your winter wardrobe,” says Greene.

Moto Boots

Nineties grunge is back—at least when it comes to boot styles. And we’re here for all the chic iterations we’re seeing on the runways. “Moto boots are edgy, but when styled properly, can look very sophisticated and are ideal for those cold winter months,” says Tamburin. “They look great when paired with jeans and leggings, as well as dresses and skirts. ”

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