June 17, 2024

17 best sleep masks for that all-important beauty kip now that the clocks are going back and early sunrises are coming

It’s October which means the clocks are officially due to change on the 31st and early sunrises will commence once more. This means one thing: sleep masks.

Now don’t get me wrong, the sun rising at 7am every day during winter has nothing on summer’s 5am starts, but it’s still annoying – especially on the weekends or when you don’t need to be up for another hour or two. It’s time to bring in the sleep mask reinforcements to ensure I’m getting my full eight hours.

It’s no secret that we love our sleep here at GLAMOUR – especially when it’s so damn hard to get any nowadays – so finding tips and tricks like the military method to help us feel refreshed and revived is imperative. That’s where a sleep eye mask comes in handy for me. Not just something to pop in your weekend bag when travelling, a sleep mask is actually really useful at home, too (alongside my beloved pillow spray, silk bedding and weighted blanket).

Getting a good night’s kip can reduce stress, anxiety and is obviously imperative for your health, so if a cost-effective solution such as a sleep mask can help then sign me up! Introducing a sleep mask into your sleep routine will save you from the spenny purchase of blackout curtains, and it’ll also make bedtime feel like a more luxurious affair (hotel vibes every night pls and thank you).

From sumptuous silk designs to innovative eye-contouring styles, bold prints or self-heating options, there is a world of sleep masks out there – it can be hard to settle on one. Is what the mask looks like more important than how it performs? Does it need to match your duvet covers? Do you desire a fabric that will help your skin as well as aid in sleep? These are all things to consider.

What sleep mask is best?

SLIP is an obvious option when it comes to sleep masks, the brand has made quite a name for itself in the world of sleepwear (especially when it comes to silk pillowcases). This silk sleep mask from the Australian label is perfect for those who take their skincare seriously – it reduces friction to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles and it’s the perfect match to the brand’s pillowcases for a truly relaxed night of Zzzs.

This super soft thermoformed, shaped eye mask blocks out every ounce of light in the room. Ideal for those who are super sensitive to sunrise, or suffer with migraines, this design features a memory foam lining and is made from quality fibre fabric. Simply adjust the strap for a personalised fit.

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