The Pants Whitney Plans to Wear When She’s Too Lazy to Shave This Summer

For days when I’d rather spend my energy on something other than shaving or defending my right to not shave. Miku pants, $270, available at Seek Collective.

Let’s be clear: I don’t think shaving should be considered mandatory for any woman, and I’ve spent plenty of time in sleeveless tops with very visibly hairy armpits due to some combination of laziness and a desire to intentionally buck traditional beauty standards.

But there are still plenty of warm days when my refusal to make hair removal a constant priority does not coincide with a willingness to field questions or weird looks directed at my body hair.

When I have those kinds of days this season, I hope to rely on pants like these ones from ethical label Seek Collective to keep my sometimes less-than-groomed legs out of the spotlight.

They’re made of a lighter-weight fabric than jeans, which is important for scorching New York summers, and the whimsical black shapes help them feel a little more wearable to me than plain white pants would be. I love knowing that these pants were made by artisans in India that are being compensated fairly and treated well in their work environment, too. That’s a win for both the hands that made the pants and the hairy legs that will be wearing them.

Miku pants, $270, available at Seek Collective.

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