June 19, 2024

How This Woman’s Raw Boudoir Shoot With Her Fiancé Revealed the Beauty in Herself

Despite the unfortunate decision of her former employer, Stephanie still stands by her and Arryn’s awesome shoot, and so do we. On a more positive note, congrats to the couple, who are also expecting a baby boy!

Update: You’ll be infuriated to know that shortly after the couple’s amazing photos went viral, Stephanie was fired by her employer, Austin Bank Texas N. A. , because it considered the shoot to be “inappropriate. ” Stephanie told BuzzFeed her now former place of work didn’t approve of her being topless, as it’s a family-oriented company.

Not only is Stephanie not revealing any other part of herself than her bare back and legs, but she was also wearing a swimsuit bottom and a backless, strapless top. She also told the outlet that she was a model employee who was promoted within her first seven months, making the company’s reasoning especially upsetting.

“I gave over a year to a company that I worked really hard for, and then to have them turn on me for doing something so positive, something that I was so proud of – to help myself as a woman – it was hurtful,” she told BuzzFeed.

Original post: Not everyone would jump at the opportunity to strip down in front of a camera with their partner for a steamy boudoir session, and be waist-deep in a lake at that. But Stephanie and Arryn completely went for it in their couple’s photo shoot, resulting in the most raw and stunning shots.

Stephanie told POPSUGAR that she had always been interested in boudoir but never thought about having a couple’s session until her fiancé brought it up. Arryn showed her a collection of photos of other couples he found on social media and suggested that they find a photographer to take theirs. “Immediately, I jumped on board, loving the idea of trying something different,” Stephanie told us. So when Bria Terry of Wolf Rose Photography put a call out for a couple she needed for a boudoir session, the two reached out. “The next day, we were in a lake with a camera,” Stephanie said.

When it came to going topless for their intimate shoot, Stephanie shared how comfortable she was. “I, honestly, was not at all nervous to be as exposed as I was,” she said. “Arryn and I have been together for almost two years, and he has always reassured me on how gorgeous I look, with or without clothes. ” In addition to Arryn’s support, it only helped that Bria was also able to make them feel relaxed. Stephanie shared how there was one particular part during the shoot that made her feel most confident.

“There was a moment when Bria wanted me to look at her, and she wanted Arryn to whisper his favorite thing about me in my ear,” Stephanie said. “I could not help but laugh and smile brightly with his answer. It set the mood into a more playful, flirtatious setting. I think it put us both at ease by opening up more for the shoot. ”

When Bria posted the photos on Facebook, Stephanie and Arryn went viral. A flood of encouraging comments came through, praising the couple for their undeniable chemistry and confidence. Their love for each other exudes in every picture, and you just can’t help but to think, “Damn, they look good. ”

“The first time I saw the photos, I’m not going to lie, I flushed,” Stephanie said. “Not because I was unclothed, but I cannot think of a time where I looked so captivating and passionate. It was the first time I got to see not just the beauty in myself, but a confidence and love that was undeniable. The way Arryn and I are looking at each other is earth shattering. I could not have asked for anything better. ”

Kind words from Facebook users also included amazing body-positive messages. One commenter put it perfectly: “This makes my heart so happy and gives me hope as a plus-size woman that not all men care about what size you are. ”

Not only did the experience bring out a new level of confidence in both Stephanie and Arryn, but it also had a positive impact on their relationship.

“It has brought us closer; made us more intimate,” Stephanie said. “We have never experienced a scenario of being so vulnerable in front of one another with an eyewitness. It made me appreciate his love for me and made me want to be more loving towards him. When I expressed this, he told me that he felt the same. ”

Anyone who’s now inspired to take their own boudoir shoot but hesitant to actually go through with it, Stephanie assured that you won’t have any regrets: “I recommend this kind of experience to all couples. Whether they share it with the world, or keep them secret. It’s worth doing. ”

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