The Office is selling off a ton of props actually used in the show to the highest bidder 14, photos

I can’t get enough of The Office. I’ll try to dive into a new series, but I won’t get more than a couple episodes in before I resurface and swim back to the warm, safe shore that is Dunder Mifflin. It’s gotten to the point where it would make the most fiscal sense to cancel my Netflix subscription and pick up the complete series on Blu Ray.

If you’re an Office junkie like me – and you’ve got some extra bills lying around – then a new auction on Screenbid is right up your alley. They’re bidding away a ton of props used in the show, including Dwight’s nunchucks, the Dunder Mifflin sign, and even Pam’s reception desk.

Prices are still pretty affordable so check it out for yourself. Here are some of our favorite props up for grabs. Schrute Bucks not accepted.

Dunder Mifflin Glass Door

Pam’s Reception Desk

Andy’s Photos from Local Ad and Band-Aids to Prevent Nipple Chafing

Dwight’s Framed Photo of Mose

Vance Refrigeration Sign

Conference Table and Chairs

Dwight’s Rubber Nunchucks

Michael’s Neon Beer Girl Sign

Angela’s Stuffed Cat

Creed Bratton The ’80s CD

Creed Bratton Genuine Survivor Certificate

Mounted Jan’s Pop Art

Dunder Mifflin Inc. Huge Sign

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