Your weight can seriously affect the activity of sexual life

The female figure at all times was considered the main criterion for evaluating the appearance. The standards of beauty changed from era to era and always forced the representatives of the fair sex to make sacrifices in the pursuit of the ideal. 

But it has never been so difficult for a woman to become closer to the ideal, as at the end of the 20th century – she finally and irrevocably strengthened the fashion position for thinness. Meanwhile, the controversy about who is better in bed – attractive thin people or cheerful pyshki – has not abated until now. The correspondent of SE recognized how the weights and the parameters of the partner’s satisfaction in bed are related.

The classical image of the embodiment of female sexuality is a languid eastern beauty with slanted eyes, long dark hair, mouth-watering forms. Whatever fashion says, if we show such a woman in the flesh to a normal mature man, he will certainly react to it in the right way.

It will be confirmed by the doctor: the gynecologist-endocrinologist of the medical center “Catharsis” Rauza Loginova notes that the most powerful level of attraction is full of dark-haired women – they are more physically hardy, including in sex. In addition, they have a higher level of sexual desire – because of the active production of androgens, which cause increased libido.

Comprehensiveness as protection

As the psychotherapist, sexologist of the Insight clinic Igor Lyakh, says, women with a small excess of weight usually lead a more active sex life, because the hedonistic approach to life, which includes the love of eating, excellently includes other pleasures, among which sex is not the last a place.

However, here it should be clear: women with overweight, as well as too thin, almost always have a reduced libido. Igor Lyakh notes that any deviation from the individual ideal weight by more than 20% leads to a decrease in attraction. In other words, if the concepts “fat” and “thin” are very subjective and do not say anything about sexuality, if only because people have different types of addition, then the fluctuations in the weight of a particular person are much more important.

“If we are not talking about a physical constitution, namely, fullness, then we can clearly say: it performs a protective mechanism. A man seems to wear armor, which closes with feelings, emotions, love. 

Nutrition becomes their only factor of communication. Therefore, a full woman usually has problems with personal relationships, she is more closed, – comments sexologist Igor Poperechny. “At the same time, full women are less demanding and very grateful in their response – they are happy about the very fact of having a close person.”

Commenting on the relationship between leanness and sexuality, Igor Poperechny as author of the book “Problems of Child Sexuality,” notes that excessive leanness is often a sign that a woman is at a deep emotional level afraid to contact a man – she is losing weight, as if returning to a girl who does not have sex, rejecting his female role.

Sensitivity and Relativity

Returning to the moment about a deviation of 20% of ideal weight, Igor Lyakh notes that if the weight fluctuates within these indicators, then the connection with sexuality is already mediated: through the woman’s conceptions of herself. For example, a lean anorexic girl, whose weight is below the norm by 10%, sexuality may become higher – because she considers this weight to be ideal for herself. Similarly, the desire of a lady who has gained a couple of kilograms is lost and in this regard now considers herself a terrible fat woman.

Thus, sexologists recognize that the perception of a woman’s own body is much more important than all other factors. “I do not know of any women who would be satisfied with their body, even if it is ideal. This is a serious problem of the society and the standard stereotypes that were invented by a certain category of people: fashion designers, photographers, among whom there are a lot of homosexuals – these are creative people with the child’s thinking. With a real woman, they would not have coped, so they work in an idealized way. And for real women, this causes a negative for themselves and their own body, constantly leading to attempts to change it. That is why women so often exhaust themselves with diets, “says Igor Poperechny.

“Dissatisfaction with your appearance is often an attempt to compensate for your problems in other areas. It’s just on the body that it’s easiest to write off failures: it does not really depend on us.

It is much easier to say “I have a small chest, so I do not like men”, than to admit to myself that you simply do not know how to communicate correctly, “continues Igor Lyakh. 

Men’s preferences

However, a woman who is dieting can really become more attractive to men. As sexologists tell, sitting on a diet, a woman subconsciously adjusts to change, becomes more aggressive in a creative way, and this, unlike the aggressiveness of the passive (insults, refusals), like men.

Many men, among other things, like thin women like more than full. Usually, they argue this with aesthetic needs: it’s easier to lift and admire, and people boast. From the point of view of sexology, this means that a man chooses for himself the role of a mighty first-person: “The fashion for slenderness is associated with the fact that harmony is indirectly associated with youth when the woman is still blooming – and this in a symbolic sense stimulates the man’s illusion that he first touches this woman “- explains Igor Lyakh.

“A partner who always chooses thin women wants to feel a strong man who can hide a woman behind her. He subconsciously chooses a partner with a weak constitution, so that it would be easier to communicate with her, “says Igor Poperechny.

But those who prefer pussy, follow a different instinct. The archetypal embodiment of female sexuality, which is expressed in a large chest and associated buttocks, causes the vibrations of the male soul to be much older and deeper than trendy trend sizes. Choosing “Mommy”, these men provide themselves peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction.

After all, as mentioned above, overweight women are usually more responsive to the very fact of rapprochement, and even if they do not get complete satisfaction in bed, they are able to enjoy the process itself – which is usually, as sexologists say, more difficult for asthenic nervous young women. 

However, this applies more to men, who fix their preferences on one particular type. After all, by nature a man is polygamous – and always tries to try a new one, changing preferences: today he likes a tall blonde, tomorrow – a short brunette.

In any case, once again looking at yourself in the mirror, rejoice: if you are slim and thin, you will always be in a trend and there will always be men who want to protect you. If you are a lady in the body, you can be proud of the fact that you cause in men the stirring of ancient instincts. Love yourself!

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