Solving problems with health will help a woman to find natural beauty

The triumphantly returned fashion for femininity filled our wardrobes with dresses, movements with grace, and souls with glee. What is happening around the world is called “a return to true values.”However, some of them did not disappear anywhere.

The criteria for what is called female attractiveness or sexuality, in fact, remain unchanged for decades. Clear look, silky skin, thick and shiny hair and a thin waist always attracted the attention of the opposite sex like a magnet.

True, to preserve all these “gifts of nature” even to a young inhabitant of a metropolis is more and more difficult. We breathe air-conditioned air more than fresh air (though only the person with imagination can call fresh air on the streets of the city), we spend many hours at the monitor, moving at the best a couple of times a week in the gym. About what we eat every day, it’s better not to remember.

But in fact a little more – and spring will free us from the winter cocoons. Motorists will have to exercise increased vigilance and serious willpower to look at the road, rather than a flock of girls in mini-skirts. What can I do in order to shine like a sunny bunny in the first sunny days – with eyes, hair and smiles?

As you know, the problem should be solved not from the outside, but from within. And healthy body is not only healthy spirit, but also beauty. Cleansing the body is, perhaps, something to begin with if we want to shine with natural beauty.

Our body is simply unable to process the amount of food that we consume. What remains – like not thrown out in time trash, – allows to live, but with less and less pleasure. An earthy complexion, dull hair, a constant sense of fatigue and a desire to sleep – these are some of the first signs of slagging. Get rid of the “garbage” accumulated in the body over the years, allows, in the first place, therapeutic starvation.

Everything is logical: if surplus food leads to slagging of the body, then you can rid yourself of it, your own organism, from slag, ceasing to eat. For a short time, of course. And, most importantly, under the supervision of doctors.

First, fasting is always a stress, and if you do it yourself, without going through a full medical examination, you can not help, but badly hurt your health. Secondly, in the process of cleansing, it is very important not only starvation with a set of cleansing procedures, but also a variety of procedures that will help restore and accelerate metabolism such as sauna and aromatherapy, contrast and pearl baths, Charcot’s shower and circular, excellent immunostimulating procedures in ozonotherapy, oxygen therapy, cryosauna.

And besides, as the specialists of the “Effekt” medical center, who have been specializing in body cleansing programs for many years, can lose weight for a ten-day fasting rate of up to 10 kg. And to ensure that the skin does not sag and the body remains elastic, massages and cosmetic procedures are necessary.

By the way, about cosmetologists. The course of cleansing the body in the hospital of the medical center “Effect” usually lasts 7-10 days. And these days can also be used to visit a cosmetologist right away, to clean the face and masks, maybe to correct injections with everything that you wanted for a long time, to sunbathe in the solarium … Then to flit back to the familiar life, completely transformed. Energetic, postroynevshey, refreshed and desired.

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