The appearance of hematomas with manual massage and myostimulation speaks of the unprofessionalism of a specialist

Do you dream of becoming the owner of sculptural forms without the effect of an orange peel? If ten years ago the reader would not understand the meaning of the phrase, now the secret cipher is familiar to any woman: yes, I want my body to not notice fat deposits, muscles become strong – a pop like a nut and cellulite disappeared like smoke. But are you ready to give a lot for a dream? 

Science, more precisely, the businessmen from science, are ready to make sure that the victims are calculated not by time, then by force, but by money. More and more there is a hardware method of weight loss, and in fact to lose weight lying – a dream in the square. About that, what procedures from the field of easy weight loss are now especially popular and whether they really will help, recognized correspondent SHE.

In general, the hardware effect on problem zones can be explained from the point of view of physical laws: “The task of these techniques is to increase blood circulation in problem areas, which leads to oxygenation (saturation with oxygen – OS) of tissues and improvement of lymph drainage, explains Natalia Shmachkova, physician-therapist, cms, center of family medicine “Zdravitsa”.

And intercellular edema, indeed, is insignificant, but go away. ” But is it only on the outflow of lymph that the reduction of volumes is based? After all, the liquid has the property of quickly leaving and just as quickly recovering.

Fat decreases!

Virtually all the hardware procedures used in cosmetology have a medical beginning. For example, endermology, a method also known as LPG (the so-called devices with which effects are produced), was developed in the late 1970s for the speedy rehabilitation of patients in the Parisian burn center. Then he was noticed by plastic surgeons – he was good for forming the body after liposuction. After it was adopted for fighting the most famous disease of the XXI century – cellulite.

According to Anna Baranova, cosmetologist of the Leleya Beauty and Health Center, this procedure should start the process of losing weight – especially when it is necessary to get rid of a lot of weight and before that nothing in the direction of dumping has been done:

“To date, the most modern and effective method is endermology,” the cosmetician is sure. – It is in demand and gives good results: reduction of volumes, removal of swelling, skin smoothing. 

First, the volume decreases due to getting rid of excess fluid, then, if the procedure is performed by the course and correctly, the fat tissue is mechanically broken. ” How is this possible? “By improving blood circulation and physical exertion, there is, as it were,” pushing “fat from fat cells, i.e. the cells themselves decrease in size, while the number of lipocytes (fat cells) remains the same, as the number of lipocytes is genetically programmed, “- warns therapist Natalia Shmachkova.

Blue Priests

Anticellulite massage performed by hand has deeply rooted in the medicine roots – manual therapy is used for many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Cellulite is not a disease if it is not a fourth stage, which causes cyanosis due to inflammation of the overgrown connective tissue, but massage the thighs with suspicion of orange peel with great zeal.

“The advantage of manual massage is that it is possible to apply such a method as kneading and, thanks to it, to work out problem zones more actively, to exert a strong influence on them,” explains Olesya Shorina, an expert in the correction of the figure of the center “Sante Aesthetik”. “However, the hardware procedures give a more pronounced lymphatic drainage effect.”

It is believed that massage can replace training – the muscles are worked through, but still, like the next in the list of a new tool, it does not provide a full replacement.

We are lying thin

Have you heard about training on the couch? “Myostimulation – the only one of the hardware procedures helps to tighten the muscles due to the effects of discharges of electric current,” explains Anna Baranova. “But with myostimulation the circulatory system, the breathing apparatus, not all muscle groups do not work, so you can not talk about the full replacement of the gym.” By the way, it is with myostimulation, as well as with manual massage, bruises often appear. Some patients consider the presence of hematomas as evidence that the work on burning fat is going to full power. But this indicator is not at all positive:

“With any impact on the body, bruises are undesirable,” continues the beautician of the Leleia Center. “They can appear for various reasons, but a specialist must, after seeing the client’s predisposition, prepare the vessels and in no case start with a hard regime.” 

Proceeding from the fact that the procedures so act on the vessels, it should be concluded that the procedures have limitations: “Skin diseases, varicose veins, acute (including ARVI) and chronic diseases in the acute stage, autoimmune problems, benign neoplasms of the skin (papillomas , nevi), fibrocystic mastopathy, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, malignant tumors – all this is a serious contraindication against the use of myostimulation and anti-cellulite massage, “the doctor categorically states.

Another popular procedure today, calling to lose weight lying, is wrapping. Wrapping problem zones with algae, clay, paraffin and other substances are divided according to the strength of the action on the relaxing and nourishing skin; lymph drainage – most wraps work with excess moisture in the body; and hot wraps, which, according to the cosmetologist, due to the active substances can even take away the fat. Gynecological problems are contraindications for wraps, especially for hot ones.

And yet, if, nevertheless, it is allowed that the fat decreases, then where does it go? Maybe it settles elsewhere? “Intracellular fat is split to water and carbon dioxide, which go through sweat and into the blood, lymph and through the kidneys into the urine,” the therapist calms.

There will not be a miracle

Does this mean that wraps and other procedures are the most wonderful tool that does not require any expenses other than cash?

“We can not say that wraps, as well as other hardware procedures, are the main ones in the process of losing weight,” returns cosmetologist Anna Baranova to the ground. – The process of reducing body volume – a complex, one or another procedure prescribed, taking into account the features of the skin and body of the patient.

But any technique, even such effective as endermology, without the participation of the client – namely the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, physical activity and dietary restrictions – can only have a maximum effect on the skin, but not on the body. ” Why not try to move your hands and feet? After all, the muscles are designed to move, do not offend them. A hardware cosmetology, if, of course, you have the means to it, brighten your path towards beauty.

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