July 15, 2024

The latest ‘ugly’ trend that the fashion world has fallen for

With socks and sandals having broken their way into everyday life and ‘Dad Trainers’ now officially mainstream, the fashion industry has been under pressure to come up with yet another ‘ugly’ footwear fad.

Rarely an industry to disappoint, brands have stepped up – figuratively and literally – and delivered us off-kilter to the extreme.

Forget last season’s love affair with the kitten heel, this season it’s all about the unexpected.

From cigarette lighters to satsumas, thin twigs to glitterballs, there isn’t much that hasn’t served as inspiration for designers conjuring up the most unconventional and creative heel designs.

The best bit? You don’t even have to be a heel-wearing pro to make these work.

Sure, Saint Laurent’s spindly perspex pieces and Vetements’ boots teetering atop a lighter may take practice (it will be worth it! ), but the likes of Jacquemus above below and Rejina Pyo are leading the charge for chunky, ornamental heels. And we are so, so here for it.

As is often the way, the high street has caught on incredibly quickly – showcasing their take on the trend via a variety of drool-worthy examples.

Mango’s yellow-ribbon sandal with a folded brown heel provides us with the dream summer shoe (one member of the GLAMOUR team thinks it resembles soggy wood… you win some you lose some), while Zara’s black slingbacks with igloo heel is our new go-to for the office.

We’re all going to be wearing socks with sandals this season, here’s how to do it in style…

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