Shoppers are amazed by this £10 Body Shop cleanser they say removes makeup in seconds

Beauty fans are raving about The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Balm, which can be slathered onto your made-up face, rinsed off and finally completely removed using a wet flannel or face cloth.

It’s a more environmentally friendly option and, actually, sounds completely luscious. Users have declared that it completely removes all traces of make-up from their skin, including very thick foundation, glitter eye shadow and face paint.

If you want to stop using makeup remover wipes or cotton pads soaked in micellar water to cleanse your face, we might just have an eco-friendly solution for you. How about a £10 cleansing butter balm that melts off layers of foundation, mascara and lipstick in under a minute?

One Body Shop customer posted this hilarious photograph, proving that it really works, on her Instagram. That’s a perfect imprint of her entire face on that cloth, showing just how thoroughly this stuff works.

This beauty blogger demonstrates how powerful this product is, by showing her before-and-after shots of her heavily made-up and then completely clear face.

People online have called this cleansing butter a “game-changer” and based on the evidence, we have to agree with that.

“This is the best makeup remover I’ve used. I have sensitive combination skin,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s just amazing. It’s so gentle so it doesn’t irritate my break outs or dry patches, and it has helped reduce my oily patches as well. Love it.”

Meanwhile, as The Sun reports, this cleansing balm doesn’t just have one purpose. Women have also been using this nifty, smooth product to stop hair dye from running down their face, to cure cradle cap on babies and even – would you believe it – to remove make-up stains from light carpet.

We stan a true multi-tasker.

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