July 18, 2024

Swatch: the 12 best new products December

Wgold shimmer, sequinsare visible even from space, fashionable lipstick in Nude colours and a lot of surprises – BeautyHack editors have compiled the most interesting news of the month (to never be bored! ).

Illuminating powder Le Lion De Chanel

In December among the new products always searching for what I will use for a new year’s makeup. In Russia they say “as the New Year meet, so spend it”. I have another parable – “what makeup holiday meet, so the company will develop”. Obviously, everything should be perfect!

No makeup won’t be perfect without a well groomed skin with a smooth tone. The trend on matte left us once and for all, but “lean” on the radiance is not worth it even on holidays – to outdo the Christmas tree you will not succeed, and the makeup will look cheap.

An excellent solution powder with light shimmering particles. Take a fluffy brush, lightly walk on it to the powder and spread it all over his face – get the look sleek, healthy skin.

Пудра-хайлайтер Le Lion De Chanel

If you take a tight brush and to gain a little more funds, you can arrange the accents on the face to accentuate the cheekbones, a tick above the upper lip and the nose. In the tool there are no major shimmer and glitter – only a little shimmering particles that create the effect of light shining from the inside. Make a bright eye makeup and Shine – under the chiming clock all eyes turn to you.

Reticulation shadow 5 Couleurs, 057 Moonlight, Dior

Палетка теней 5 Couleurs, 057 Moonlight, Dior

December is traditionally rich with gifts – it’s time to pamper not only the family, but also a favorite. Choose tools from the limited collections – they’re always special and will create a sense of celebration for a long time.

Frankly, the shadows of “luxury” always avoided: professional brands usually hold better and more pleasing variety of colors (then you know exactly what you pay for more).

Палетка теней 5 Couleurs, 057 Moonlight, Dior

But with a limited collection of the brand was different – in the store are unable to break away from the shades. Pure silver (without vulgar sequin), grey palette for smoky eyes, warm pink and brown tones – here is where to roam.

The intensity of the color is beautiful – what you see in the package, will be on the eyes (especially if you applied the shadows wet). The shadows have shimmer, but for everyday makeup shades will come in handy (if “dilute” the splendor of the funds from this collection).

Do a makeup with this palette and go dancing, preferably until morning. For Breakfast without fear look in the mirror – eye makeup will remain intact.

Sparkling powder for eyes, Starlit Diamond Powder, Make Up For Ever

Сверкающая пудра для глаз, Starlit Diamond Powder, Make Up For Ever

“Fairy dust, as in a fairy-tale cartoon about unicorns”, I thought, opening the coveted box.

The tool does not like classic shadows – rather, it is a large shimmer in the package. Looks like pure gold, but the shade shimmers under different lighting, from sunlight to noble bronze.

To evenly apply glitter, you will need a flat brush, glitter or cream shadow (it is important that the powder is “grabbed” with the skin and remained for centuries until the party). To put these shadows in everyday life, not risk. Not to spoil the makeup, apply under eye patches (best is here): the skin under the eyes will become moist, and the person will not be the remnants of glitter.

Сверкающая пудра для глаз, Starlit Diamond Powder, Make Up For Ever

Sequins can be worn solo, and you can do smoky eyes and “dilute” their lights in the centre of the lid. I decided to experiment and put the powder on top of a creamy lipstick – it was a real fabulous makeover fairies.

Compact powder with the effect of lights Oh Darling Lumiere Podre Skinfinish, M. A. C

Компактная пудра с эффектом сияния Oh Darling Skinfinish Podre Lumiere, M. A. C

I’m not a big fan of decorative cosmetics. But military and powder with light reflecting particles frequent pulse, causing heart go Pitter-Pat. The tool won first sight – that’s what will help create the perfect look for the New year. Gold figure “ingot” will instantly make any special makeup.

In the tool there is no obvious shimmer – just a delicate light-reflecting particles. Powder is perfectly placed and gives the skin a delicate glow.

If the soul is a holiday today, I put on the cheek area, lightly hammering tool with fingertips. But during the holidays lavishly “decorate” chest area “Golden pollen” – it falls as weightless satin bedspread.

If you have dark skin, powder will fit perfectly – accentuate chocolate shade. A great gift for the New Year and for snow white (if you haven’t decided what to give your favorite friend).

Lipstick Rouge Dior Bijou, 722 Classic Matte, Dior

Помада для губ Rouge Dior Bijou, 722 Classic Matte, Dior

If you hesitate to wear red lipstick every day, congratulations – in December, plenty of reasons to update everyday makeup. For experiments in need of a new lipstick, which will not be spread to dry lips and wear off too quickly.

In the limited collection Dior just has one. The “right” shade with a blue undertone will suit each. The facility creamy texture and satin finish – it feels very comfortable like a second skin.

To extend the durability of the tools, please be on the lips still not dry on “tightly”, but also moisturizing. Bright shade is obtained with a first layer – spread with a brush and get plump and juicy lips.

The brand is positioned as a matte lipstick, but it has a lot of skin components. A leading makeup artist brand Roxanne Arakelian said that technology brands have focused on the components that will take care of the lips, smooth the skin and restore.

Bases of balm you certainly will not be enough (especially if you wear lipstick all day). But the cold and the champagne at new year’s eve lipstick is not terrible (lips won’t dry, and makeup does not float).

Lipstick Kiss Kiss Lipstick, Electric Gold, Gurlain

Помада Kiss Kiss Lipstick, Electric Gold, Gurlain

This fall favorite lipsticks “dressed” in bright packing: we are all editors appreciated not only the color of the case but also a comfortable texture and original colors.

The packaging of this lipstick is classic, but the shade put me in bewilderment. Golden lips – whether it is appropriate even for the New Year?

It turned out, Yes. The tools are loose coating, which is more like a balm. The colors do not yellow the teeth, and adds piquancy to the lipstick can be safely worn not only on corporate and new year’s eve party, but to use it as a boring option Nude – what you need brown eye shadow.

Powder Poudre Illuminatrice Teint Sculptante et Decollete, Clarins

Пудра Poudre Illuminatrice Sculptante Teint et Decollete, Clarins

As soon as you open the case of the gold powder, studded with sparks and stars, you are immediately welcomed with a splendid extruded gold. If you do not read the title, you can assume that you have a dry highlighter. But no, it’s all the same powder for the face and neck from the Christmas collection.

Do not put off the tool to the side, if you are afraid to Shine – take a fluffy brush and apply a weightless layer. The powder will form a veil of light and leave only a hint of playfulness, emphasizing the Golden shimmer of the parts of the face on which you want to focus.

Пудра Poudre Illuminatrice Sculptante Teint et Decollete, Clarins

I like to apply the gel on the clavicle with your fingers, and on the face – brush: so you can adjust the intensity and select the level of sheen depending on the event.

Brand called powder “shining veil for your skin”. What can brighten your makeup better sparkling starry myriad new year’s eve? I think that anything (except mascara with sparkles).

The top coating of the eyelashes with a Golden effect Top Coat Mascara, Clarins

Топовое покрытие для ресниц с золотым эффектом Mascara Top Coat, Clarins

Anyone who knows me personally knows about my love for glitter. Even going to the office in the morning, no-no, and will add a drop of glitter in the inner corner of the eye. Not surprisingly, New Year is one of my most favorite holidays, when you can Shine from head to toe without damage to reputation.

Especially for such pittermanu Clarins has released a top coating for lashes that can be used solo, if Shine is required modest.

The mascara has a convenient brush: the long bristles allow even distribution of glitter on each eyelash, tip you can add accents even in hard to reach corner of the eye.

I liked to use as a top on top of a classic black mascara and apply glitter randomly, as if he accidentally fell down on the eyelashes.

In a new year makeover’m thinking to combine gold and sapphires: make a shimmering deep blue shadow on the eyelids, the eyelashes will emphasize the top cover and will leave the lips neutral.

Liquid Velvet glide Lip Glide, Paradise Garage, NARS

Жидкий глайд Velvet Lip Glide, Paradise Garage, NARS

The conservatives, who bashfully looks away at the sight of sparkles even in the New Year, we dance: a tool devised specifically for you.

Glyde – an innovation from the brand: the gloss, and lipstick at the same time. Lip nice glossy veil, but does not flow into cracks and contours. For sparkle shade is very rich and lasts pretty well (but I would play it safe – a lot of place in the bag he won’t take).

Satin finish you will enjoy a couple of hours: gradually, the tool will become dull. But don’t expect “effect of cement” – in lipstick has argan oil extract, water lines, and white tea (as in advertising – will not allow the lips to dry out).

Glyde smells of sweet caramel, a shade reminiscent of the Nude, but not in the classic version. Suitable for all, regardless of skin tone and hair color (along with purple or baklazhanovy shadows “will surpass” boring sequins).

Set makeup: loose glitter for face and fixing gel Sparkling Holiday Glitter Kit, Kiko Milano

Набор для макияжа: рассыпчатый глиттер для лица и фиксирующий гель Sparkling Holiday Glitter Kit, Kiko Milano

“More glitter! ” – the motto I spend every holiday, whether it be children’s birthday party or corporate event. This New year will be no exception – I will put sequins on the shoulders and neckline, I’m going to have fun and be sure to make a wish!

And now the practical part of the question: when generously showered skin not the small shimmer on fixing gel, I want to avoid the unpleasant sensation of stickiness and irritation after.

Glitter brand is very pleasant and easy to apply directly from the container with a thin applicator (much as possible). Dries immediately – you’ll be nicely “put” the right amount of glitter.

Loose glitter Packed in dispenser with eight holes – he’s not flaking like flour through a sieve, and gently disperses on the skin. For the desired effect I’m missing a few layers – the shimmer is there, but not too obvious.

Works great as eyeshadow, but you can still make drawings on the cheeks.

Palette eyeshadow and blush Puppy New Year, It’s Skin

Палетка теней для век и румяна Puppy New Year, It's Skin

Never stare at a limited edition decorative – my inner butyric lives in a Department of care (especially if we are talking about Korean funds). But in the case of this palette broke his rule – at first seduced by the pretty design and then content.

Within five (yay, only five, and I know what to do with them) eyeshadows and some blush.

Палетка теней для век и румяна Puppy New Year, It's Skin

In package pink blush looks very bright, but they have a creamy texture – feather tool with fingertips or a brush, the shade is only slightly refresh the complexion.

The shadows seem too bright, but it leave a very delicate finish. The impression is that they are all tones of the same color is something between pale pink and sand. Easy to understand even for a beginner: mix everything with everything and you’ll be fine! I did an easy everyday Nude and delicate evening makeup with radiance (shimmer in all shades).

Palette eyeshadow new year collection 01 Nude, Yves Rocher

Палетка теней для век Новогодняя коллекция, 01 Nude, Yves Rocher

The gap mosaic, immediately realized that we became friends, but it’s got to be not only on holidays. In beloved nudewww range added a little glitter and voila – your makeup for any occasion ready.

For Christmas in the family circle paint matte shades of beige or pink. To makeup looked bored, add a dark accent with a slight sheen to the outside area – this will accentuate the eye color and the depth of the look.

Палетка теней для век Новогодняя коллекция, 01 Nude, Yves Rocher

If today the mood is playful or you are preparing to celebrate the New Year, do smoky eyes with dark plum and baklazhanovy shade. Cope and beginner – shadows are easy to apply and leaves no spots and just a shade. But that shadow does not crumble before the end of the holiday, apply on the eyelids a primer (the best we have gathered here).

In the palette 7 shades – all colors harmonize with each other. Don’t be afraid to dream – palette get new and original images for the most awaited night of the year!

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