July 23, 2024

Sex without infections, children and nervousness

Experts do not recommend selecting contraceptive methods on their own. Children are the flowers of life, but they should always bloom in their own time. In order for pregnancy to be a joy, not a burden, humanity throughout its history uses different ways to avoid fertilization. Marina Pavlovna Glushenkova, the doctor of the highest category, the gynecologist of the medical center “Catharsis”, told how to plan the family.

The survey on SHE showed that a large percentage of our readers use the method of interrupted sexual intercourse. Is it harmless?

This method can really be called traditional, even “grandfather’s”. It essentially requires nothing but the concentration of partners. But as a method of contraception for a long period of interrupted intercourse is not good. Its main disadvantage is a low contraceptive effect: sperm in the active state can persist in the urethra after a recent (up to 24 hours) ejaculation and get into the vagina. The disadvantages can be attributed to a decrease in sexual feelings, and nervousness about the possibility of premature ejaculation. The method does not protect against infection with infections. In the event that pregnancy can seriously harm a woman’s health, this method is not recommended.

What methods of protection can be attributed to the most reliable and safe for health?

This is, perhaps, a condom – it only protects not only from pregnancy, but also from the possibility of contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and HIV. Also, its use does not have any effect on the health of partners, except that men can be reduced sexual sensations. The method of hormonal contraception is also reliable.

Tell us about oral contraception. How to choose “your” tablets? Many are afraid to recover from taking pills, someone thinks that it is harmful to health.

Weight gain is due to fluid retention in the body. With menstruation, these extra kilograms-two go away. In general, there are very good oral contraceptives on sale today. With their help it is possible to carry out prophylaxis of endometriosis, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer. To pick up the pill alone – came to the pharmacy and bought those that you liked – you can not. Selection should be done individually, with a doctor who draws conclusions about the appointment of a type of oral contraceptives, based on anamnesis, depending on the age, physique, lifestyle of a woman. There is no general testimony and it can not be, except that, for example, smokers over 35 years of age can not be prescribed tablets with a lot of estrogen, which can cause thrombosis.

Unruly women should better use modern methods of hormonal contraception, such as NovaRing – an intravaginal ring or plaster, which has a transdermal hormonal effect. In addition to the lack of the need for systematic application, their advantage is that the active substance is absorbed, bypassing the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Hormonal methods have a high contraceptive effect and are recommended for use in regular sexual life.

What are the non-hormonal methods of contraception, other than condoms?

These are chemicals – spermicides, which destroy the membrane of the sperm. Produced in the form of aerosols, vaginal tablets, creams, sponges. They have a quick effect – a maximum of 15 minutes is required after the introduction of the drug before the sexual intercourse, do not affect health, provide additional lubrication, and offer some protection against STIs. But this method is more suitable for rare contacts, spermicides can cause irritation of the genital organs of both partners. The calendar method is effective only if there is a regular, long-established ovulatory 28-day cycle. Today, failures occur in almost all women, even healthy, so it is not necessary to talk about the high contraceptive effect of this method.

IUD – intrauterine device. She is recommended to have given birth to women, or those who, due to contraindications, with diabetes, individual intolerance can not take oral contraceptives. In addition, the IUD can have an abortive effect in case of emergency contraception, if introduced within 5 days after an unprotected act.

Tell us about emergency contraception.

It consists in taking a shock dose of hormones that have an abortive effect. The most famous remedy is postinor, it can be used within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. It is very important to remember that an emergency method can be used in exceptional cases – causing unplanned menstruation, – as it leads to hormonal failure. In addition, it must be remembered that the effect that this method has is abortive.

How to act for those who decided to plan a pregnancy?

When taking oral contraceptives, pregnancy can be planned as early as the next after the date of the withdrawal from the tablets cycle. However, I always recommend that you wait by applying barrier methods of contraception to test yourself and your partner for infections. For this you need, of course, to turn to a gynecologist. Perhaps he will prescribe an additional treatment that will help conceive and endure a healthy child.

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