Myths about baby health

Children’s experts dispel the stereotypes of parents. Everyone knows that children demand a lot of attention, but modern living conditions (poor ecology, general deterioration of public health) lead to an increase in the number of diseases not only in children, but also in older children.

As a result, almost every child sooner or later gets to the doctor. And children up to one year – without fail. And it begins: prophylactic examinations, vaccinations, examinations, treatment. Sometimes parents do not understand: does all this need for their child?

Understand the huge amount of information that comes from everywhere (doctors, acquaintances, relatives, magazines and the Internet) is difficult. Specialists of the Centers of Family Medicine “Zdravitsa” will try to dispel a few myths.

The first years of a child’s life are not necessary for doctors to observe

It is in the first year of the baby’s life that the basic adaptation processes take place, and on how this period passes, all the health of the child will depend in the years to come. Missed diseases during this period can lead to very serious consequences, and early detection of problems usually allows solving them with sparing, not too long and not so costly methods. For the child up to one year, basic tests should be submitted and examined by narrow specialists: the neurologist, the oculist, the surgeon, the orthopedist, the otorhinolaryngologist, etc.

For convenience, Zdravitsa has developed annual maintenance programs that include all the mandatory specialist consultations, tests, . We provide service programs like “economy” and VIP-class for children in the first years of life.

It is not necessary to put vaccinations to the child – it is dangerous.

Harm that can be inflicted on children’s health in the first years of life from dangerous diseases is simply huge and very often leads to serious pathologies and even to fatal outcomes. Recently some parents refuse to vaccinate. However, before taking such a decision, we must carefully weigh everything. If you are still going to refuse vaccinations – be sure to consult a specialistfor the consequences of such a decision! If you are going to do all the prescribed vaccinations – do not go on about advertising or acquaintances whom someone has recommended something. The child must necessarily be examined by a pediatrician and narrow specialists in terms of age, as vaccination must be approached individually. Vaccination should be carried out on an individual basis, only during the period of full recovery (not earlier than 14 days after acute disease).

Once prescribed treatment can be used constantly

Many parents do not find time or do not want to spend money, “by trifles” referring to a doctor, and independently choose medicines, or use the treatment that was prescribed earlier. But this self-treatment often has serious consequences. With the same symptoms, absolutely different diseases can occur, the doctor can diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment. In addition, the same method of treatment can not always help several times. In addition, if the temperature does not exceed 38 degrees, do not urgently reduce its medicinal products. The increase in temperature indicates that the body itself began to fight infection.

It is better not to go to a pediatric neurologist – he will prescribe a bunch of medicines

Unfortunately, now a very large percentage of children are born with pathologies. Often this is the consequences of birth trauma. Many specialists do prescribe a lot of medications, if there is a reason. But many experts also know alternative methods of treatment – soft manual techniques, craniosacral therapy, massage, physiotherapy, etc. In Zdravice, the osteopath takes children from the first days of life.

To be surveyed before a kindergarten and school it is not necessary

Many have heard stories about how a healthy child starts to get sick as soon as he goes to school or a kindergarten. This is due to the fact that the body is not always prepared for new conditions. In order to facilitate the adaptation of children in pre-school and school establishments, it is necessary to undergo mandatory examination from a pediatrician, narrow specialists (otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologist neuropathologist, surgeon, orthopedist, speech therapist, dentist) 1-2 months before admission to the children’s institution, to conduct laboratory tests and, if available diagnosed diseases to conduct treatment.

This summer, “Zdravitsa” offers a special offer and go through a comprehensive examination in front of a kindergarten or school for 4,000 rubles (40% savings)! 

Children are afraid to donate blood from a finger

In Zdravitsa, blood from the finger, both in children and adults, is taken with a special lancet, which does not hurt at all, and they can take blood from any finger. The blood test for bilirubin in Zdravice can be taken from a finger from a finger, although in polyclinics it is taken only from the vein.

“Zdravitsa” is waiting for its young patients for comfortable treatment and prevention in various areas. The pediatric room is equipped according to European standards: nozzles for tools in the form of colorful animals and funny pictures on the walls will make a visit to the doctor interesting, without forming a sense of fear. All small patients take part in the children’s bonus system: for good behavior at the reception the doctor gives the child coins, which he can change for toys.

In acute diseases or other various situations, it is possible to call a pediatrician or other specialist at home. 

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