Pretty Little Thing’s latest offering could save us all from the dreaded chafe this summer

Luckily, fashion brand Pretty Little Thing has a totally practical solution – and you can get your hands on it quicker than you can say “Pass the talc, please”.

Oh Spring, it’s great to finally meet you. Now that the sun is out in the UK, everything just seems that little bit better, doesn’t it?

With great weather comes a new wardrobe full of summer dresses, hazy nights in the park, Pimms by the pitcher-load and, well, chafing.

It might not be a glamorous topic but everyone’s experienced that pesky red rash between their thighs at some point in their life and with humid temperatures set to rise throughout the year, the awkward beauty blunder shows no sign of abating.

These black chafing bands are specifically designed to save your thighs from the stress of chafing, meaning you can wear a summer dress without a care in the world.

Derek Kettela

Needless to say, people are impressed!

If that isn’t your kind of thing, the Twittersphere is here to help anyone suffering with the uncomfortable leg rub situation they might be experiencing in the heat.

A plethora of men and women have been taking to Twitter to beg their fellow social media users for simple solutions for beating the chafe. And, as ever, Twitter came up with the goods.

While some users suggested slathering Vaseline or Dr Paw Paw balm between their legs to keep them lubricated, there was one particularly popular solution.

Enter, roll-on deodorant.

Simple, effective and, according to social media, ‘life-changing‘, roll-on deodorant can be applied to the inner thighs first thing in the morning to lubricate them. You can continue to apply it throughout the day if you so wish, and it will also help soothe any existing chafe rash.

If deodorant doesn’t sound like it’s up your street, the GLAMOUR team can also recommend Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel, a good pair of Spanx, bike shorts or leggings underneath dresses, baby oil if you’re feeling sweaty and of course, trusty old talcum powder.

Now get out and enjoy the sun!

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