How to… dress on holiday in the evening, whether you’re clubbing in Ibiza or on a beach in Bali

For us Brits, venturing abroad and being faced with the dizzy meteorological heights enjoyed by the rest of the continent throws up all manner of style conundrums.

But while we’ve got our swimwear sorted (cutest bikinis here and coolest one-pieces here for those of you who haven’t), what to wear in the evening is a whole other matter.

‘Jeans and a nice top’ simply isn’t an option when the late night temperatures are still dancing around the 18°C mark, as are full-length sleeves, closed-toe shoes and jackets, as well as anything even remotely tight-fitting.

See? We feel you.

How to… dress for a festival without looking like you’ve tried too hard

To ease your pain – and because it’s our job – we’ve shopped our way around the problem and conjured up five sartorial solutions to answer your cries.

So whether you’re heading for seven days of partying in Ibiza with the #galz, off on a romantic mini-break in Greece or going solo in Bali to ‘find yourself’, we’ve got your evening wardrobe sorted…

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