Let’s Take a Moment to Appreciate Set It Up’s Incredible Cast

The movie follows the lives of two overworked assistants (Harper and Charlie) in New York City who are at the mercy of their demanding, busy bosses.

The two come up with a plan to set their bosses up in the hopes of jazzing up their lives with a little romance, but (no spoilers), things don’t go exactly as planned.

It seems like everyone who watches Set It Up on Netflix immediately asks their friends, “Hey, have you watched Set It Up on Netflix??”

It’s a feel-good movie that transports us back to the rom-com glory days of old – it’s almost on the same cuteness level as 13 Going on 30 – and it’s everything your sick day or low-key Friday night could want.

You should watch it for the guaranteed mood boost alone, but another major draw is the cast. If you’re wondering to yourself, “Is that Glen Powell and Taye Diggs?” Yes, yes it is! Those two, along with the other talented cast members, bring the movie’s script to life and do the storyline justice.

Take a look at the cast ahead, and then make sure you have popcorn and wine readily available.

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