Paris Hilton Is Releasing a Second Album and We’re At Peak 2000s Nostalgia

With aughts nostalgia at an all-time high (see: the return of newsboy caps, the second coming of Gilmore Girls and Curb Your Enthusiasm, the attempt to make Juicy Couture happen again), a newly bronde Paris Hilton is seizing the moment to revive her somewhat ill-fated side hustle as a pop musician.

You may remember her 2006 song “Stars Are Blind,” which, despite a widespread critical panning, apparently managed to make No. 18 on the Hot 100 chart. Just kidding, you definitely remember it and you probably even made out to it on a dance floor once after one too many shots of Bacardi.

But Hilton, who has a successful and shockingly lucrative DJ career, promises this album will deliver a very different vibe than the candy-coated bubblegum pop of a decade ago. She told TIME she’s currently working on a “whole new sound” that will combine deep house, techno-pop and electro-pop, which are apparently different things.

Hilton released a single over the summer aptly titled Summer Reign, which was used to promote the launch of her 23rd (!!!) perfume and has a similar sound to the one she seems to be describing. It’s not bad, but I’m still just mostly in awe of the fact that Paris Hilton has 23 perfumes with her name on them.

No further details about the album are available, but you can bet as soon as it’s released, we all be there in our Juicy sweats ready to listen to it.

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