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In summer, you want to look stunning – from the top to the tips of your fingernails. On what only do not go fashionable women to achieve this goal: summer haircuts, fashionable hairstyles, charming aromas.

But without an ideal manicure and pedicure the image will still not be completed. Especially in this season the main accessory is still nails. The company “O-LA-LA” presents the current trends of the summer season, which will make your manicure and pedicure fashionable and beautiful.

Features of manicure and pedicure of the summer season 2018 from the company “O-LA-LA”

Reference: Novosibirsk company “O-LA-LA” exists in the market of cosmetics and perfumery since 2003. In stores “O-LA-LA” is presented a large assortment of perfumes of lux class, decorative cosmetics of mass-market class and means for caring for the body and hair. 


Juicy shades of the tropics, colorful “animal” prints have become the main trends of the season, which have found a response not only in clothing and accessories, but also in manicure. Bright colors attract attention to the hands and require an ideal fresh manicure. Now this is not only a beach, but an everyday option.

Also relevant and “wild” coloring. Imitation of leopard color, black and white stripes of zebra or orange giraffe spots on the nails perfectly complement the image of each fashionista, ready for experiments. For such a bright manicure, collections of varnishes Orly, Beyu, new items Lykra Pro from Rimmel, collections of varnishes Sally Hansen will suit.


To the delight of all the bright people, the bright red varnish is still fashionable. The shade of a saturated coral will emphasize beautiful handles or will boast of new sandals and an ideal pedicure. Shades of ripe berries and wine are also relevant. The shape of the nails is natural, rounded.

In the favorites there is also a sunny orange: actual and translucent, and rich shades. The shape of the nails to choose from: natural or elongated almond-shaped.

Such shades are presented in almost every collection. It is worth noting the new nail polish Wear Maxx Pro from Rimmel. Its main feature is a double brush in one applicator, which ensures perfect application in one motion.


One of the trends in the summer of 2009 was the return to natural shades of lacquer. Translucent watercolor shades are ideal for both leisure and office – the main thing is not to get lost in diversity. In the office, the varnishes for French manicure and pedicure will look good, on holiday or on a visit the fashionable shades of pink and turquoise will emphasize your individual style.

Another feature of the manicure is the amygdala elongated form of the nails. Once the lacquers have become lighter, you can focus on the length. This form looks best with translucent light shades of beige, tea rose and pastel pink.


Starting from this season, one shade for manicure and pedicure becomes again relevant. For example, a soft pastel pistachio color. Delicate shades of lavender and lilacs also look attractive in manicure and pedicure. They are combined with light skin, and with a light tan.

Still present on the podium and different shades for manicure and pedicure: for example, it can be adjacent shades of wine red and dark cherry. And you can do a little bolder and combine both shades in manicure and pedicure at the same time, having painted one nail with a varnish of contrasting shade. It looks extraordinary.


One of the main trends of the summer season of 2009 was the economy. However, in order to be at the center of fashion events, there is absolutely no need to deny yourself something. The new discount system of VIP-cards of the company “O-LA-LA” will save up to 50%.

From June 1 to June 30, you will be able to exchange already having 5% – or 10% card on VIP at a one-time purchase for 2000 thousand rubles. The card is not personal, so you can make a purchase with friends and family, and then everyone can use the VIP card. If the 5% card “O-LA-LA” is not yet, then, having made the first purchase for any amount, you will get it.

After the expiry of the period of the promotion, it will be possible to receive a VIP card with 5% or 10% card accumulation of 10 thousand rubles. If the amount on the discount card of the store has already amounted to more than 10 thousand rubles, then you will receive a VIP card in exchange for a 5% (or 10%) card.

The VIP-card holder will feel a considerable advantage already at the first purchase. For example, Orly nail polish (18 ml), using a VIP card, you can buy for only 188 rubles. (the usual price is 313 rubles.), and the novelty of Wear Maxx Pro from Rimmel – for 76 rubles. (the usual price is 109 rubles). For the convenience of customers in stores “O-LA-LA” on all products a double price tag is placed: the price without discount and the price on the VIP-card are indicated.

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