Dietitian advice on what to eat in the hot months, so as not to get better and not shrink

When the thermometer’s column rises at least 20 degrees, we happily consider the summer to be a success. The mood increases, the appetite decreases, and we persistently prepare for the beach season in our thoughts and actions.

In this strategically important case, one must understand that a set of measures must cover all aspects of our being. Including – the contents of the table.

The summer period is traditionally considered the most favorable in terms of overall recovery of the body. The abundance of vegetables, greens and sun itself makes life pleasant. It is believed that summer is the best time to move from a rational diet, aimed at maintaining the viability of the body, to a functional one, which will allow us to consider not primarily proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but vitamins, minerals and fiber.

We have only three months. Therefore, let us recall some features of the summer diet, which are directly related to the weather not in the house.

Change of mode

First, in summer the energy costs of an organism are dramatically reduced, because he no longer needs to use valuable calories for warming. So experts recommend to reduce to zero nutrients, obtained by “winter” method – from animal fats. So, nourishing meat dishes in summer it is quite possible to leave before cold times.

Nutritionist Nikolai Zhevachevsky admits: in summer it is possible to reduce the amount of protein consumed, and it needs to be done primarily due to “heavy” red meat. Those who can not describe themselves as vegetarians, but also do not want to overload their stomachs in the heat, we can advise you to give up fat pork and lamb in favor of fish and chicken.

If you feel a decrease in appetite and easily satisfy hungry brain signals with a variety of dishes from vegetables, this is not bad. With one nuance: this vegetable should not be potatoes. In addition to the fact that potato is rich in starch and is not recommended for thirsty slimness, autumn tubers accumulate a lot of toxic solanine by May (a substance that can cause severe poisoning).

Do not ruin people’s water

Secondly, people sweat in the summer. Sometimes sweat is strong, and doctors call this process quite seriously dehydration and are no longer recommended, but they impose a compulsory item on a plentiful drink. Morse, compotes, kvass and mineral water should occupy a prominent place on the table and almost three liters – in the stomach for the day.

Nikolai Zhevachevsky points to a less obvious problem of summer sweating: “Dehydration causes a very active loss of mineral substances, which provokes a violation of the mineral metabolism as a whole.” The richest source of minerals he calls all the greens, leafy vegetables, as well as dandelion and nettles – if you make them salads. In addition to other benefits, they are filled with biologically active molecular water, which brings more benefits than water from the tap.

In this regard, those who have summer cottages win. However, here again there is a downside: “Over the last century, there has been a strong emasculation of land and water, and in plants there is an acute shortage of substances – they can not concentrate in themselves minerals, because they need them to survive. As a result, plants store fewer substances, because they spend a lot, “- says Nikolay Zhevachevsky, not advising to relax and the gardeners.

In addition, the loss of fluid thickens the blood, and therefore increases the tendency to thrombosis. So, it is useful to the heart and the women taking oral contraceptives, as the nutritionist said, to eat foods with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. This is olive oil, sardines, saury and fish of the salmon family.

Lunch on schedule

Talking about what to eat in hot season, experts told about the approximate summer diet of a resident of a megalopolis, which would bring benefits.

Leadership in breakfast keeps cereals and dairy products. “Cereals,” says Oksana Bragina, a dietician at the Research Institute of Therapy, “provide you with energy until the middle of the day.” The products of fermented milk not only quench thirst, but also are a source of minerals, which, as we remember, is the most important in summer. In addition, according to the eastern tradition, sour-milk products are referred to as “slime”, that is, cooling, in their essence, products.

At lunch – traditionally soup. But this time – not on fat bone broth, but on light vegetable, or soup-puree, or summer cold soup. A piece of fish or white meat, too, does not weigh heavily on the stomach, and most importantly, such a dinner will not make us resemble the inhabitant of Latin America, dormant during the siesta – we still have half a day to work.

Finally, dinner, which in summer and strives to be drawn closer to the sunset, and therefore promises a guaranteed accumulation of excess calories, it is recommended to break into pieces – and eat a little, but twice. On a choice: carbohydrates from crude cereals or from vegetables.

Slender interception

Snacks in the summer are almost an independent meal, and therefore also require explanations. It is they, wrong, often lead to weight gain. For example, in the summer it is highly desirable to introduce a second breakfast in the form of a salad with olive oil. It is needed for an additional supply of greens in the body and preventing a strong hunger during lunch. Snack is useful to make out of fruits, creating a salad from them. But Oksana Bragina notes that the eaten fruits should be regarded as a separate meal and not better mixed with the main meal.

Eating on the beach is another great snack (which usually turns into the eating of chips and cookies), which also requires systematization. As you know, swimming breeds hunger, and therefore there is a need on the beach. Salad with tuna on a hot beach is unlikely to survive, as well as yogurt (you can not risk), but sandwiches from a slice of black or bran bread with slices of sliced ​​vegetables, poured with olive oil, are very good.

Another enemy of the figure is ice cream, which in summer is eaten by kilograms. However, nutritionists believe: it should also be perceived as a separate, full-fledged intake of food. Ice cream is not a low-calorie product, fats hidden in it, you will never feel on the tongue – but after notice on your hips.

In general, nutritionists believe that there are no special privileges for losing weight in the summer. But there is one powerful factor – a good mood. Contemplation of flowers and heating of the bodies under the sun dramatically reduces the number of people dissatisfied with life and themselves. Consequently, the cause of the psychological appetite is eliminated, when a person eats a lot to have fun. And because of the summer you need to get a maximum, and not at all in the form of calories.

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