April 12, 2024

Instagram is Currently Testing a Feature We Never Knew We Needed

Looks like there is a yet another new update coming down the pike forInstagram. This time, the change could include the ability for users to follow a hashtag the same way they follow an account.

We’re thinking this could be an awesome feature, allowing you to get automatic posts on your feed that have your preferred hashtags, making it easier to see all those wedding Instas rolling through at the party.

The feature may also make it easier to share breaking news and important updates. Justthink: #breakingnews #extremeweatherwarning and #royalbaby (for your baby watch fix).

Twitter user Pippa Akram shared her encounter with the updated feature, phoning (er, tweeting) a friend to ask what the heck it was. “Ok this is new. What does this do @SimonSocialMM @BizPaul @NatalieTFG any ideas? I’ve followed 2 but can’t find what that means! ! ” she tweeted.

While nothing is confirmed and we aren’t sure if this cool new feature (which is currently only available to limited accounts) will stick around for good, we’re hoping it does. Or at least hoping some modified version of it comes along, because we all know we want those pictures of the prince and princess to be waiting for us on our feeds.

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