May 30, 2024

Fashion trends in footwear are distinguished by a variety of colors and soles

Flying ladies come out of May in summer. In summer, this “flight” is emphasized by open, light, comfortable footwear. Still in the fashion of the platform, the rhinestones are still popular, and designers will never stop borrowing unforgettable ideas from the last century.

In the main trends of summer shoes the correspondent SHE understood.

“Welcome to the Garden of Eden! – calls upon Elina Pykhalova, the head of the marketing department of the footwear shop “Askania”. – With such an invitation, you can turn to all the girls who love a variety of prints from flowers and plants. Your leg in new shoes will feel like in a garden of Eden. The main colors here are green, yellow, lilac.

”Indeed, the riot of colors is now at the peak of popularity, although silver, gold, and ecological colors, such as brown untreated leather and imitation of printed fabric, are still relevant. In general, the whole palette and what only there is. Understand complicated. So the division of summer shoes will be conducted on the sole: flat, platform and heel. All three directions are now furiously fashionable.

We stood on the plane

Although the most physiologically natural is shoes with heels 3-4 cm, girls who prefer active life, like to say that it is more convenient “ballet” is not. And those who walk like mermaids, rarely and mostly by car, also do not refuse these puppet shoes. Calling this trend fresh does not turn the language, but every year the popularity of “ballet” is gaining momentum. And every summer something will be improved in their form.

The sock is now also dumb and round, but, as the stylist of Rossita, Ekaterina Dubchak, let slip, next year it will become more square.

In the meantime, exclusively delicate, decorated with paillettes and prints, gold and silver, as well as black and white, can be worn with pea shoes, with jeans, with trousers and pipes, with baby-doll dresses and evening luxurious, as it is not strange, dress.

Open sandals on a flat sole with “ancient Greek” thongs or leather “flip-flops” with colored stones and rhinestones also filled shelves in shoe stores.

“As for the accessories, the new season presents a real surprise to women of fashion,” says Elina Pkhalova. – Now the shoes and sandals are decorated with large stones and rhinestones. Stones can be either in the tone of the color of the shoes, or in contrast. ”As for the straps, this is one of the main trends of the season, and they are used not only in sandals.

Carnaby, “ballet shoes”, gilded leather, 2490 rubles;sandals decorated with stones, 1990 rubles;

“Askania”, “ballet shoes” – 890-1670 rubles, sandals – 4430-12310 rubles;
“Rossita”, sandals with stones LISETTE, 1890 rubles.

Highly, but Stably

“Borrowing from the 60s is very relevant this summer – strapping shoes on a high platform or a stable heel,” says Rossita stylist Ekaterina Dubchak.

“Zest” of this season – leather belts, from which the top of the shoes is created, have become wider and more intertwined – modern technologies make it possible to implement the most daring methods of modeling. ”

What is a stable heel? This is a heel-a “glass”, or a straight, wide heel, and its height varies from 2 cm to 7 cm. And it is convenient to stand and the style can be determined.

On such a heel is represented, of course, not only strapped shoes. In the summer season, along with the pretentiousness of flowers and “gold” minimalism is represented. “In minimalism, as always, the simplicity, sophistication and manufacturability are appreciated. Minimum details – maximum style, – says Elina Pkhalova. “It’s a kind of retro-modern, a gap between the knowledge of the past and the look into the future. ” The main colors – dark blue, white, red, black, popular “marine” theme.

Carnaby, sandals with high steady heels, top – leather straps, 2490 rubles.
“Askania”, shoes – 3400-5800 rubles.
“Rossita”, sandals with heels, top – straps, TAMARIS, 2250 rubles.

On the platform

Those who want to walk on their heels, but for some reason can not, fashion is already a season that offers sandals on the platform. This summer they are especially popular. They have one undeniable advantage – they make the carrier higher, and her legs – slimmer. About what kind of decor, color and materials are used in shoes on the platform, you can write volumes of works.

It’s easier to say what’s wrong. Jeans, although it was announced that it is popular, nowhere to be found, and in fact there is some kind of roughness in the jeans fabric. Of the new – the style of “safari” (warm brown, creamy colors), the effect of aging, some carelessness of the details.

Carnaby, sandals on a platform with a textile braided top, 2490 rubles.
“Rossita”, sandals on the platform CORSO COMO, white – 1490 rubles, blue – 1590 rubles.
“Askania”, sandals on the platform – 3400-5800 rubles.

Ethno-style is also fashionable – fringe, embroidery with beads, leather applications, cork platform. Reflect everything in the article, perhaps, will not succeed: an unprecedented variety of models, styles, materials. And all this will be worn in the summer.
The main thing is that it should come.

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