How To Reset your Tinder Account

When looking for a dating service on your phone, there’s really no service more popular or more ubiquitous than Tinder. The app has completely revolutionized the dating scene, with a focus on swiping profiles left and right to either match (or ‘like’) their profile or toss them away.

If you match with another individual after you both swipe right, you can start a conversation and speak to another to find out each other’s interests, personalities, and set up a date or meetup. It’s pretty interesting stuff, bringing the idea of “dating” into the hyper-fast bustle of the 21st century, and though the app might not be for everyone, users under thirty have gone all-in on the app for their relationships and hookups.

The idea of starting a new Tinder might be interesting for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re fresh into the dating scene, and you’re looking to try out a brand-new account that isn’t linked to all the photos of your ex on Facebook.

Perhaps you’ve just moved to a new city and you’re looking to get a fresh start, or maybe you had a couple bad interactions on Tinder and you’re looking to start again, away from the terrible experiences you’ve seen elsewhere in the app. No worries – whatever your reason for wanting to wipe the slate clean, it’s entirely possible to work toward having a clean start on Tinder. If you’re ready to hit reset on your Tinder experience, read on for the full guide on refreshing your account.

What are the Benefits to Resetting Your Account?

It might be surprising to hear, but there are actually some pretty solid reasons to reset your Tinder account. Some of us might have tried Tinder years ago, only to give up on the app in its infancy or to start dating someone and, therefore, removed the app from both our mobile phones and our attention.

If you’re looking to get back into the online dating game, however, you’re going to need to spruce up your dating profile with new content. Unfortunately, if you’re coming back to the app after years of neglect or a lack of use and updating, you’ll likely find the app to be a bit of a disappointment in finding new potential partners. If you’ve let the app languish in obscurity and unused for years, you’ll likely find that plenty of people in your area have swiped right past your profile.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a way to remove your account from the past, thereby shedding your Tinder’s connection to your Facebook profile, filled with dozens of photos of you with your former significant other, be it your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, ex-fiancee or ex-spouse. By taking that connection away with a total reset of your social media, you help to make sure that the past stays in the past and helps you get back on your feet in the dating scene, no matter how long it’s been.

Resetting an account basically requires you to create a new, fresh profile, one that either can be connected to a pre-existing Facebook account or one that can be attached to a new Facebook profile that allows you to keep your account fresh and clean, complete with new photos and new examples of the content you’re looking to place on your page. If you’re working towards creating an entire new online identity for yourself, away from your past or one that helps you reestablish who you are as a person, you might choose to select either a fresh start or to try again with your pre-existing Facebook account. Let’s take a look at how to do both below.

Using a Pre-Existing Facebook Account

If you’re looking for a way to reset your Tinder account but to keep your current Facebook account, the steps are simple. Unfortunately, this method isn’t foolproof; more often than not, Tinder holds onto your data, even after you’ve reset and relinked your Tinder account with Facebook, which can make this method a bit challenging to get a grapple on and to perform correctly. That said, thanks to Facebook’s slowly-improving usage of app data and the focus on removing specific content following the Cambridge Analytica breach from 2016 (and our knowledge about it this year), you might actually be able to refresh and reset your Tinder account using your basic Facebook profile that already exists.

This option doesn’t give you as much of a hard reset as much as a soft reset you can use to clear your Tinder information and can use to wipe the slate clean, while also keeping your existing Facebook account around. This won’t work for everyone, unfortunately, thanks to how the token system for Facebook works, so if you try this method and log back into Tinder, only to find nothing substantial has changed between methods, you’ll need to skip down to our second step below.

To reset your Tinder account, grab your phone and a computer and let’s get started.

  1. Open Tinder on your device and navigate into the Settings menu.
  2. Select Delete Account, and follow the steps to delete your Tinder account.
  3. Once your account is deleted, return to your device’s home screen and uninstall the app from your device.

  1. On your computer, open Facebook and, from the arrow in the top-right corner of the display, select Settings.
  2. Select “Apps and Websites” from the left menu and then Tinder from the list in the center.
  3. Remove Tinder from the list by selecting the checkbox and hitting “Remove” from the list.
  4. Return to your device, redownload Tinder and set up an account using your existing Facebook account.

Assuming you’ve followed the steps correctly and your account information has been deleted from Tinder successfully, you’ll be able to sign back up for a Tinder account using your existing Facebook information. That said, you may also return to Tinder only to realize your deleted account has been reactivated through your Facebook login token, which will lead you to have to follow the steps below to begin anew with a fresh Facebook account.

Remember that, despite resetting your Tinder account with this method, you’re still pulling from the same Facebook profile. If you want to truly remove exes from your photos, or you want to start new with a different and unique set of photos for your Tinder account, you’ll need to work to remove those older photos from your Facebook account by deleting (or downloading and archiving) them from your account and uploading the new content you wish to display.

As a final note, some users have noticed that their account on Tinder doesn’t contain the option to delete their account from the app. If you’re finding that’s the case for your own account, you can edit your account preferences here, including the ability to delete your Tinder account from this web portal.

Using a Fresh Facebook Account with Tinder

The alternate method might be more enjoyable for those looking for a break from the usual slew of older photos that your Facebook account has. Unfortunately, signing up for a duplicate or alternate Facebook account is harder than ever in 2018, thanks to the way Facebook handles authentication of your identity. Signing up for a new Facebook has some benefits and plenty of drawbacks; it may interfere with your ability to use apps like Spotify, and adding your entire friends list back is a complicated way to rebuild relationships. That said, if you’re looking to slim down on your social network benefits, you can actually use a fresh Facebook account as a way to completely slim down on your friends list, using this as an opportunity to add only the people you need, the photos you want, and nothing more.

Start by following the above steps to start by deleting your Tinder account. You technically won’t need to delete a Tinder account from your old Facebook profile to reset, since you’ll be launching a new Facebook and logging in from there. That said, there’s also an obvious reason you’ll need to reset your Tinder account: duplicate accounts from the same person are never a good look on Tinder. No matter whether you’re looking for a quick hookup, or you’re looking for something long-lasting, you’ll want to make sure that your account looks legitimate. By having multiple accounts with the same name and similar photos appear, you lower the chances for potential matches to take you seriously; instead, your account may begin to appear as a fake account.

So, once you’ve deleted your Tinder account using the steps above, you can start moving towards starting fresh with both a reset Facebook account and a reset Tinder account. Log out of Facebook and, within a new tab, sign up for a fresh email account. Any email service will work, though Gmail is one of the most popular services on the market today and makes it easy to get up and started with a new email address. With your email, head back to the Facebook homepage to create your fresh account. Though TempMail is an easy service to get a fresh email that makes it easy to gain access to secondary social media accounts, using email addresses from TempMail will require you to add a phone number to confirm your account. Gmail, on the other hand, allows you to auto-confirm your email right from Facebook’s home page, as seen below.

With your new Facebook profile live and available to be used, you’ll want to spend some time customizing this before you jump right into Tinder. Add some friends, make an announcement that you’ve created a new Facebook, and even post a link to your new profile on your old page if you want people to add you back. Make it feel like a real profile, no matter how slim you need or want it to be. You’ll need personal info to make Tinder a useful tool anyway, so it’s better to do it now than to continue to put it off. Once that’s done you can move onto the next step: signing back up for Tinder.

Signing up for Tinder can be done through the mobile app or on your computer, so if you’re sitting on your laptop and don’t feel like using your iPhone or Android device to accomplish this next step, don’t be afraid to just sign up for the app on your computer in order to skip past signing up on your phone. Head over to Tinder’s website to start the process of signing up on your computer, which requires you to sign into your Facebook account – the one you just created, that is. With Facebook signed in on your PC, you’ll be asked to verify that you’re a human using Google’s own captcha service, followed by verifying your phone number and using the number from a text to verify your code.

This method of verifying your mobile account is why it’s important to make sure you’ve closed off your former Tinder account before following through on signing up for Tinder once more. If you haven’t done that, or your phone number won’t work because of its status with your recently-closed account, use Google Voice along with the Gmail account you signed up for to create a new phone number you can use to verify your account. We can confirm that Tinder allows Google Voice numbers to be used with the service without issue, and that once you’ve imported your account, you’ll be set to go.

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