How to fix yourself, if you are late

The time for putting ourselves in order in the morning usually is not enough just when we desperately need a “disguise”. For example, after yesterday’s party, because of which we, first, slept through everything and are terribly late, and secondly, we do not look the best. 

So you need to learn to paint faster. Express make-up implies the speed and ease of application, on the one hand, and the naturalness of the result – on the other. So he is as close as possible to the legend that we woke up, sweetly pulled, ran a comb through the hair – and went out into the world.

“It is enough to use a moisturizing cream, apply a foundation, powder, a small amount of blush and mascara for the eyelashes, a soft gloss or lipstick,” says the make-up artist of the salon “Kamiy Alban” Inna Zhorova. “And you get makeup without make-up, just a fresh, well-groomed face.” “This make-up is universal,” says Olga Loseva, a makeup artist at the beauty studio “Kino”, “he uses natural shades that suit a particular person, not one or the other.”

“You can supplement this basic make-up with individual elements,” continues Inna Zhorova. – Someone needs to draw a crook, and you can refresh your eyes with light or pearly shadows. ” But in any case, make-up begins with creating an impeccable face.

Perfect skin

Morning cleansing and moisturizing is almost the only element of makeup, on which you can not save time: for the rejection of these procedures, the skin will take revenge not today, so tomorrow. And attempts to make up before the moisturizer has absorbed, will not lead to anything good.

When the preparation is completed, a corrector is applied to the skin, masking small flaws (if after an early awakening we look tormented, a little light corrector, shaded under the eyes, works wonders). Then – a light foundation (from it makeup artists still do not recommend to refuse, recalling that the quality tonal tool besides the aesthetic effect also protects against ultraviolet and other negative environmental influences, and also moisturizes).

“There are no universal rules – whether to apply the cream with a sponge or fingers, you need to try and find out how you feel comfortable,” Denis Gorbunov, the make-up artist of the Persona Lab image lab, comments. – The most important thing is to avoid a common mistake: choosing a tonal means is darker than the skin. ” – “Surplus cream should be gently wipe with a napkin, especially in the area of ​​facial wrinkles, and then apply powder,” – sums up the body make-up artist Elena Chesnokova.

Revolution in the cosmetic bag

To paint quickly and effectively, you need to know your face well and experiment a little, revising the usual morning make-up rituals. And suddenly without some it will only be better? Except for the saint – careful work on the tone of the face – all other manipulations obey the laws: the most complex and time-consuming, as a rule, are also considered not very appropriate in the daytime.

So, for example, do we really need …

… to waste time on highly artistic shading of three shades of dark shadows? In express make-up, it is better to avoid experiments with bright and dark shadows and tragic “podium” eyes, fatty summed with dark ones. “Pink, purple or pinkish-brown shadows in case of unsuccessful application only will underline fatigue,” explains Olga Loseva. When the count goes for a second, it’s enough to put a few light shadows on the inner corners of the upper eyelid (if the image allows, they can be with the flicker effect, but here it is necessary to remember that they emphasize wrinkles), so that tired eyes open and the glance shines – and it remains only to use mascara.

… spend time correcting facial features?The art of narrowing the nose or drawing cheekbones with a few shades of powder is useful in the evening or before the photo session. “The day of experiments with correction of facial features should be avoided, because it is very difficult to make them invisible in daylight,” Elena Chesnokova explains.

… spend time on neatly drawn lines that emphasize eyebrows? If our eyebrows do not upset us with density, color and shape, it is better to leave them as they were created by nature and tweezers. It is enough to comb them with a brush or use a gel for the eyebrows.

… spend time on careful work on the contour of the lips?The most radical western make-up artists with demonic laughter recommend to give up classical lipstick in a tube if you are under 35 years old. This advice should not be taken as an unconditional guide to action. But you can think about whether it’s time to reconsider your relationship with lipstick, which looks much more “formal”, “evening” and “adult” (plus requires more diligence and time when applied) than lip gloss?

Finished makeup: lips, eyelashes and cheekbones
So, after creating the tone of the face, we had only to tint the eyelashes and lips – and complete the make-up with a pair of movements with a brush with soft rouge. The application of blush to the cavity under the cheekbone to give the person a sculptural subtlety is a sign of evening make-up.

In the morning, aristocratic exhaustion in the face is usually lacking and without cosmetic tweaks, so it is better to apply blush on the apple cheeks – you need to smile and brush along the speakers.

If, in a hurry, you smeared mascara under the eye, do not try to remove it immediately – it will only get worse. “You have to wait until the ink has dried. After that, you can carefully remove it with a brush for eyebrows or an applicator and powder this place, “advises Olga Loseva.

With a light movement of the hand, daytime make-up turns …

Closer to the end of the day, if an interesting proposal has suddenly arrived, you will need a second express trick: adding a couple of strokes, turn day makeup into evening.

For a spectacular reincarnation, it is enough to have a toner, tonal remedy, powder, mascara, brighter lipstick or shine and a multifunctional product with a flickering effect (or shining powder, shadows and blush). “The tonic is needed to refresh the skin, removing impurities, excess fat and the tone applied in the morning, without touching the makeup of the eyes,” comments Elena Chesnokova.

Having renewed the tone, you can make the eyes more expressive. For this, it is usually recommended to apply another layer of carcass – but try only if they have been tinted a little in the morning. Otherwise, you get an avant-garde gothic make-up with tangled spider legs instead of eyelashes. To avoid this effect, Olga Loseva recommends before applying new mascara, to remove excess old ones. To do this, you need to wet the fingertips several times with surgical precision on the eyelashes, without touching the skin. After the eyelashes dry, you can apply a new mascara.

And, finally, the main trend of this season – golden make-up – is on our hands. It is enough to add a bit of gold-shining textures to the eyelids and cheekbones so that the evening is a success. Well and lips at such magnificence it is better to make up moderately shining lipstick.

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