June 19, 2024

How to dye your hair to not regret it

We change our appearance to please, believing that the correction of natural data will add to our charm. But what’s strange is that if we go to the hairdresser to cut our hair, we advise our friends about the clothes and color of lipstick, then we think the choice of hair dye is purely personal and even intimate, except that we give the brush to the same girlfriend.

But lipstick can be erased, but the paint from the hair immediately washed away will not succeed. So the matter of choosing the future color of hair is more serious than it seems to you. The correspondent of SE recognized how to properly dye hair.

“How is the choice of color? Happens, the girl is fond of the image created by an actress or singer, whose behavior and appearance is especially appealing to her, – says Alexey Gusev, expert colorist, Wella Color Podium.

The color of this heroine’s hair seems to the girl very attractive and suitable to her style. Either the girl is guided by the psychological portrait attributed to the owner of a particular color, and she wants to become a blonde or brunette, change her behavior or way of life. But not necessarily the desired color is right for her, more than that – most often it does not fit. ”

How to dye your hair to not regret it

Who is guilty?

If the girl, focusing on the photo on the paint box, locked herself in the bathroom and dyed her hair herself, she can only complain to herself or, dammingly shaking the fists, curse the manufacturers. If it happens in the salon, then the color change will be much more conscious. But there are some rules that must be adhered to by the master. “Often, hairdressers offer a client a technical color palette, they ask you to choose what you like and try to” pull “it onto your hair,” Alexei continues. “The professional approach is different: you need to find out what the client likes in their color, what they do not like, what you need to emphasize, and so gradually go to the right shade. ”

What if the color you received is not pleasant and does not fit? A real master should not let the client out of the chair until he gets what he wants. Another question – for whose account?

Option two: if the client himself chose the color and as a result remained unhappy, then for repainting will have to pay. If the color was advised by the master or the decision was made jointly with him, then the barber is responsible.

How to dye your hair to not regret it

Unexpected advantages

It is not known for certain whether all gentlemen prefer blondes, but the fact remains – most women light up their hair. The owners of dark hair, this process can be delayed, you will have to paint several times, in addition, you need to understand that discoloration is a procedure that is far from caring, the structure and quality of the hair can change a lot. But what is characteristic is not always for the worse. According to Alexey Gusev, the lightened hair more often becomes more voluminous, which many girls just do not have. Another positive thing – coloring helps to solve the problem of oily hair. Anna Baranova, a trichologist at the Beauty and Health Center Leleya, noted that the drying effect that gives the coloring, allows the greasy hair to look cleaner for longer, restores healthy shine and splendor.

We paint houses, we wash off from the master

If you prefer to paint on your own, it’s important to remember a few points. Be sure to follow all the instructions of the instructions: if it is said that on the roots during secondary painting you need to keep the mixture for 20 minutes, then 5 minutes for the entire length, be so kind as to enter the time. Otherwise, bright roots and repainted ends will reduce the importance of the message you planned to convey to the world. There are often cases when the natural color is trying to make it darker. The desire to look like a vamp is quite understandable, but do not forget that radical black seldom goes to anyone, especially if the eyebrows and eyelashes are light.

If the color at home painting was much darker than expected, it is better not to try to correct the situation yourself, but to go to the master – he will help wash off the color with the least loss for the health of the hair.

How to dye your hair to not regret it

Harm and stamina

Which paint should I choose? We are not talking about a manufacturing company, it’s a matter of taste and purse. It is a question of that paints happen permanent, semipermanent and ottenochnye. Permanentor persistent contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide destroying the structure of the hair, but the color lasts for a long time, keeping the brightness.

Semipermanentpaints do not contain ammonia, due to which the resistance is reduced, but the harmfulness, too. It is difficult to paint gray hair with such paints.
Tintedbalms and foams to spoil the hair heavily, but they are washed off very quickly – for 2-5 times. Clarified hair requires the support of these funds to avoid excess yellowness.

We fill wounds

In general, getting the right color is one thing, supporting it is another, but not less important. Those who preferred working with a master will certainly be advised by professional methods of disposal, which will allow you to keep the brightness of the color and take care of the hair longer. On her own, Anna Baranova recommends the use of shampoos and balms marked “for colored hair,” which not only retain color, but also protects damaged hair, trying to preserve its structure and smooth the effect of “mochala”. In addition, it is important to take care of the masks behind the scalp, which receives with aggressive staining no less than hair damage.

In the fashion of unnaturalness

The choice of color is strictly individual, but there are also fashion and trends. If only recently, natural, golden tones were popular, now the fashion is “made”, and especially the copper-red, ennobled color, which leaves no doubt that the designer worked on it. Successful coloring hairdressers believe that after which the girl not only changed externally, but also began to move differently, speak, blossomed internally. Correctly chosen color will help you become more confident, and caring care will allow you and others to enjoy this beauty longer.

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