July 15, 2024

Organising your accessories collection during isolation?

Under government instruction, those who are able towork from homemust do so for the foreseeable. But for most of us, home working is an entirely new experience. Personally?

I’ve never worked from home before, and not having to jump on the tube first thing in the morning has come as quite a shock to the system. As much as I miss being squashed in a strangers’ armpit on the Victoria line, I’m loving the extra hours an absence of commuting gives me. There’s so much time foractivities!

The phrase “spring cleaning” is synonymous with self-isolation and the dawn of a new season, so needless to say it has been my activity of choice since lockdown began. Honestly – I was up clearing out my sock drawer at 7am this morning. I’ve also sanitised my makeup bag, cleaned my jewellery and updated my book shelf with the best reads of 2020 (then colour coded it, of course). For as long as I’ve got the spring cleaning bug, I’ll never run out of things to do at home.

Next on my list of things to organise is my accessories collection. Not a task to be underestimated. When it comes to my accessories, it’s common practise to mindlessly remove them at the end of the day and leave them strewn about my dressing table with little consideration of their wellbeing. Things get lost far too often. So in a bid to regain order of my jewellery, headbands and shoes, I’ve invested in storage solutions aplenty. And beautiful ones at that.

For storing the accessories you wear most often, a trinket dish is the way to go. This can sit on your bedside table and house everything you reach for on the regular, making for speedy accessorising pre-9am video call. For rings, choose a second dish if said speedy accessorising is your priority, or a ring holder like this one if you want good visibility.

Necklaces are a little more difficult to store, because they can easily become tangled if they’re not left hanging up. Don’t we all know it. To solve this issue, a hanging necklace stand is your best bet – Anthropology has some beautiful pieces, including necklace racks that hang from the wall. They’re great for saving space.

Another storage solution which is great for saving space is a basket or two (these beauties from H&M are coming home with me) to fill with shoes or hair accessories and push under your bed. If you’re not able to do that, a wall tidy would be ideal.

Keep scrolling for the beautiful storage boxes, hanging necklace stands, shoe racks, jewellery boxes and delicate trinket dishes you need to store all of your accessories. Good luck!

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