How to cope with moping on the eve of the New Year and enjoy the holiday

The absence of joyful excitement from the upcoming holidays causes suspicious bewilderment among those around. Most people cheerfully shop around, buying liquor, tangerines and gifts, and expect the same from the rest.

Observance of traditions is an important component of survival in society. But what if the flickering of garlands and the smell of tangerines for one reason or another do not cause a desire to blow up the firecracker and meet the New Year “as it should”?

At best, if you deliberately ignore traditional festivities, you will be left behind after a couple of questions. At worst, they will begin to ask sympathetically how it happened that there is not someone with whom you can share a night meal.

The New Year’s depression creeps up imperceptibly and collapses like snow on your head, in the last days before the holiday. We identified several of the most common complaints on the eve of the holiday.

1. There is no one to meet the New Year.You broke up with your loved one or did not have time to get them, although last year they hypnotized a glass of champagne and made a strong wish. All friends and friends meet the holiday with their families or even leave this sleeping winter city. What is not the reason to bury your head in a pillow and announce a boycott? “Most often it happens to single people. When the majority deals with family troubles, prepares gifts for friends and acquaintances – if there is no one to do all this, it causes a feeling of anguish and despair, “says Tatyana Skritskaya, a psychologist at the Perinatal Center.

Living with people, do not forget what you learned in seclusion. And in solitude, consider what you learned from communicating with people. (Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer)

What should I do?Be active. If you want the company – do not wait until your phone starts to burst from tempting offers – invite yourself. Everyone will find a couple of forgotten friends – it’s time to get in touch. “Now social networks give a great opportunity to communicate with people from a distance,” recalls Tatiana Skritskaya. “You can even find a virtual company on the Internet.” If you are not looking for friends for misfortune, then you can stay with yourself. Eat a cake, raise a toast for a wonderful future and watch a couple of your favorite movies. We often confuse solitude and solitude. The first is longing for the one who comes and changes life for the better. The second is the desire to understand who we are, where we are and where to move further. And to the questions of colleagues on the topic “with whom, where, when” after the holidays, it is not necessary to answer.

2. Financial difficulties.Another common reason for the lack of a festive mood. If within a year this problem can be coped with at the very least, distributing expenses, then in December spending goes off scale. And you either have to persuade the child to delete a couple of paragraphs from the letter to Santa Claus, or, clenching his teeth, buy delicacies to defeat the guests on the spot, and after the holidays get on a diet.

Be modest – this is the kind of pride that is least irritating to others. (Jules Renard, French writer)

What to do? Be honest with yourself and others, stop organizing competitions, measuring gift boxes and wanting to win in the contest “Who will meet the New Year better.” In the end, even if you do not have the opportunity to buy something now, there are still 364 days ahead – you can do a lot.

3. What to do for 10 days? It is a disease of all workaholics and people leading an active lifestyle. Rest they are accustomed to dilute a large amount of work, and what to do with it in large doses, they do not represent. Ten days spent ineptly – what could be worse? “Many people get used to working hard, but there is a sharp transition,” says psychologist Nikita Lyozin, director of the Harmony Center. – Ten days – for some it’s not a holiday, but a puff. ”

We do not have time to be ourselves. We only have time to be happy. (Albert Camus, French writer)

What should I do? If you are embarrassed by the prospect of a long holiday, it is quite possible to revise your attitude to work. “If there is a family, friends or some kind of hobby, the problem of how to take free time does not arise. On the contrary – time, free from work, is perceived as a certain holiday, an opportunity to engage in themselves, – said Tatiana Skritskaya. “You can spend this time just for yourself, learn something new, so that you can do something that you can not do on ordinary workdays.” Draw a picture, start to learn Italian, make a gingerbread house – there are lots of curious activities that you have not tried.

4. There is no time.The desire at least once a year to do everything at the highest level makes you wake up and squeeze out the last forces, the stock of which is already depleted. For a short period of time you have to tidy yourself and your home, buy gifts, on the last day find out that your hairdresser is sick, and in the fridge is empty, and again make a marathon race.

… time is stretchable. It depends on what kind of content you fill it with. (Samuel Marshak, Russian poet)

What should I do? Eliminate half or even a third of the planned cases and allow yourself to pause. If it sounds unconvincing, we immediately recall the sad story of the Greek warrior who reached Athens, told the glad tidings of victory, but after that fell and died.

5. The results were summed up.Burn a piece of paper with a cherished desire and exactly at 12 o’clock to drink champagne with cherished ashes – the lot of romantics and lovers of fairy tales about Cinderella. The rational people write a long list of goals and tasks and with a sense of their own satisfaction they drink champagne without any ashes. Of course, the leaf with the goals is discovered by chance, in a year, on the eve of the holiday. After announcing the entire list, you begin to regret that you did not burn it last year – you did not quit smoking, did not marry, did not postpone the money, did not reach the pool. The New Year is a milestone, through which one wants to step over and find himself in a new life with a snow-white leaf for desires that will come true. People who have been stamping on the spot for several years, stepping only in dreams or on paper, are disappointed as children who have learned that Santa Claus is a disguised teacher.

All my hope is for myself. (Terence Publius, Roman Roman playwright)

What should I do? Become the very Father Frost – strong, kind and omnipotent. Changing clothes is not necessary – just believe in yourself and start acting. Where would that Cinderella be, if not for her hard work and good nature?

And miracles … They always happen with those who deserve them. So we stop regretting ourselves, get up from the chair and look for sources of inspiration. And it does not matter that it will be a yoga class, the construction of a gingerbread house or a general cleaning in the closet. The main thing is to start, and the pumpkin and the prince will appear themselves and will not disappear at midnight.

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