Five of the most relevant things of the new season, allowing you not to freeze and look fashionable

Winter came strictly on the calendar. The warmest clothes were extracted from the closet and put on at the same time – the multilayeredness in the magazines is gradually coming to naught, which usually means that it is flourishing in the streets.

Tastes and requirements of the public and the proposals of fashion stores surprisingly coincided – people want a warm and feminine and the sellers are happy to take them to try on warm pants, lovely blouses, dresses, sweaters and obligatory turtlenecks for them.

SHE offers to acquire the most fashionable things of the season.

Trousers with arrows

In winter, many do not wear skirts, if only because the bare feet are cold. But trousers made of natural material are much more comfortable. In addition, tight pants are always slender and fit well with winter footwear. “Girls are willing to buy warm pants,” says Irina Chumachenko, merchant of the Mango store. – Woolen flares are especially popular. They look good with elongated cardigans.

” Black, gray, brown – winter dark and muted colors, cage, strip – warm pants will cost in 1999 (Mango), 2550 (Motivi), 2850 (Sinequanone) rubles. The waist of the winter trousers is either medium, that is, where it is from nature, or too high – it’s even warmer.

Very cute

It is not cold in knitted sweats, the main definition of which in this season is cute. They are flirtatious, they are modest and naive. Delicate colors, lack of decor and colorful details – most often blouses are one-color, with V-shaped or oval deep cut and, that seems at first sight strange, – short sleeves-lanterns or horn-sleeves 3/4. “The fact that blouses with short sleeves are popular in this winter season is not so surprising,” explains Sophia, a store sales consultant for Sinequanone. – The fact is that girls often combine them with shirts or, which is especially important, they put under the sweatshirt under the sweatshirts. ” In Sinequanone blouses from angora cost 2400 rubles.

Dresses like sweaters

Until the situation has not changed – the dresses are still with us. Knitted, knitted – warm cozy winter dresses in this season became more friendly to the freezing legs of their owners. Their friendliness is manifested in the fact that they have become shorter, and now they can and should be worn not so much with pantyhose as with narrow or wide pants, saving their feet from the cold. In addition, dresses-sweaters – they cost 2590 rubles. in Motivi, from 2900 rubles. in Gestus, – are combined with almost any footwear, except, perhaps, vietnamok. The present dresses hit their childhood – they do not fit, but rather hang with a bag, colors, and most importantly – the decor is the funniest. “Faster than all, we bought out woolen dresses with embroidered kittens,” says Julia Shalobayeva, administrator of the Gestus store.

Under the throat

Just like the blouses, dresses, sweaters are worn with a modest favorite of the season – a turtleneck. The basic thing, this season it has become simply irreplaceable and has acquired elegance. Turtlenecks (only from natural materials – forget about polyester) now sew on a figure – not dimensionless, which either tighten or hang out at the waist, but well-seated, even textures, thin and at the same time – warm. “Turtlenecks are now combined with almost any clothing, they are very popular,” continues Sofia, Sinequanone. “They are put on dresses, blouses, jackets, cardigans, vests – knitted and fur.” They can be either everyday or solemn – with lurex or decorated with paillettes, cost from 1000 to 2000 rubles.


Reptile skin is a very expensive thing. Most often we are offered variants “under the reptile” both from natural skins of domestic animals and artificial leather. The second option in accessories is especially in demand – inexpensively: a bag under the skin of reptiles in Marmalato costs from 1200, in Mango as much, and a clutch – from 990 rubles. They can often be changed, and look like snake things quite elegant. Therefore, “the skin of reptiles does not leave the top of popularity,” says Svetlana Zubova, Merchandiser Marmalato. – In this season and next season it will be in fashion. Bags, clutches, belts and even shoes made of python and crocodile skin – this is an absolute must have this season. ”

A little more news from the fashion fields – the uggs declared fashionable last year finally came out in large numbers to the people. Fur jackets cautiously become popular: “We put fur on top of a turtleneck or a straight dress, we tighten the belt at the waist, and you are the most fashionable among the girl-friends!” – Svitlana Zubova, merchandiser Marmalato is sure. Pearls are more often decorated with necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, used in the decoration of bags, shoes. The same can be said about feathers and stones. Combine, warm, decorate – in winter you can also live.

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