June 17, 2024

Refusing the most popular seasoning in the world, you can quickly get rid of excess weight

Pre-New Year’s marathon for most women begins with the idea of ​​attire, in which they are going to indulge in New Year’s fun. Following this thought is often followed by the second – how she will look in this dress.

If the result of fitting was unsatisfactory, the ladies begin to remember the methods of express weight loss. Among others, such methods include a salt-free diet. As the exclusion of salt from the diet helps to shape itself, the correspondent of SE learned.

From the chemistry course, everyone knows that the salt is sodium chloride. And sodium is a necessary microelement for normal metabolism. The balance of sodium and potassium maintains the necessary amount of liquid in the body, regulates the water content in tissues, and serves as a source of hydrochloric acid formation of gastric juice.

Salt exchange

Therefore, to say that salt is harmful, it is impossible: harm causes both excess and lack of salt in the body.

Another thing is that a modern person with all the desire to lack of salt can not experience: it is contained in almost every product that we buy in the store. But we eat a lot extra, together with it – salty. The ability of salt to retain fluid in the body and leads to an increase in body volume, which is so frustrating for women.

Remove surplus

The restriction of salt is an important link in many diets, both medicinal and, for example, popular Japanese diets. Limit salt is especially recommended for people with disrupted metabolism: the risk group for cardiovascular disease and excess weight is the same. Therefore, the restriction of salt in the diet is very appropriate for both the preservation of the figure, and for health.

The basic principles of low-fat diet are quite simple:

• The dishes are prepared without salt. Slightly distilled only prepared food. In cooking you need to do without frying.
• The intake of food should be necessarily fractional, at least 4 times a day.
• In the ration bread is allowed (preferably rye, but not more than 250 g per day), soups with a weak fish or vegetable decoction, lean meat and fish, any unrestricted vegetables, dairy products, cottage cheese, butter, eggs (no more than 10 grams per day), tea and coffee. We recommend products rich in potassium: raisins, dried apricots, figs, potatoes, cabbage juice.
• Limit pasta, refined sugar, sweet fruit.
• All salted, sharp and smoked dishes are prohibited.

Water conclusions

If you managed to persevere the taste of fresh food, you will probably see the result in the mirror: centimeters will start to leave. Doctors say that the first results are visible in a week. But they also warn: salt restriction is an important, but a small element of proper nutrition.

“If you raise the issue of weight loss through a salt-free diet – this is wrong,” warns the director of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition Yakov Novoselov. – Excess body weight is the excess of water and fat. Excluding excess salt from the diet, you will achieve that the body will quickly remove fluid from the body, and the volumes will decrease. But this is only the first stage. ”

This is the secret of all “fast” diets: they save your body from the burden of excess fluid and create the effect of harmony. This technique can be used when you need, for example, urgently to squeeze into your favorite dress. But do not cherish illusions: when you return to the usual diet, the liquid will return together with centimeters. And if you are inclined to a quick set of volumes, then you should make a low-fat diet a principle of life.

Change the habit

Despite the external simplicity, most people experience great difficulties with the restriction of salt. As Yakov Novoselov said, various flavor enhancers contribute to the formation of incorrect taste habits: “You are unlikely to add sodium glutamate to borsch or salad, but eat foods from the store that contain it. As a result, the subjective sensation of salinity increases, and as a consequence – you add to the same soup or salad at times more salt than is required. ”

Therefore, the first and most important advice is to carefully study the label of products in the supermarket and exclude products containing flavor enhancers. And to return the food to its former attractiveness, actively lean on spices and herbs (having previously studied the packaging, because today even banal pepper is supplied with harmful flavor enhancers).

The second useful recommendation: to use water more actively, in which vegetables for salads were cooked (carrots, potatoes, beets) – it is rich in mineral salts and therefore requires a small amount of added salt.

Finally, the last. It is unlikely that any of us will be able to completely abandon the finished products from the store (which are not always useful for restoring the balance of salts). In this case, go in a simple way: eat more fresh vegetables and drink clean water. This will help reduce the concentration of salt in the body, even if you have “sinned” a little, grabbing a piece of salt.

If you manage to get used to light-salted food, you will come across the fact that many habitual meals have become unbearably salty: “The salt threshold can be brought up,” says Yulia Parlyuk, a therapist-nutritionist at Syrena Medical Center. –


difficult to wean from salt only the first week, when the number of receptors to salt, which is on every cell of the body, decreases. A week later, they become smaller, and the demand for salt decreases sharply.

If a person is accustomed to minimally dosing food (not more than half a teaspoon per day), this habit can be maintained for life, because this is one aspect of rational nutrition. ”And since some trace elements, such as iodine, we get from the enriched salt, the dietician, while observing the principles of low-fat diet, recommends a little more to improve their diet, diversifying it with food containing iodine in its natural form – primarily by sea products. If you really follow all the recommendations of the diet, you can notice that you began to control the consumption of sweets and smoked products, as well as muffins and fat. This will help you get rid of not only excess water, but fat. After all, when the water leaves, you will see what problem areas really need correction.

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