April 13, 2024

Exclusive First Look At G-SHOCK Limited-Edition MT-G Watch

G-SHOCK drops a new addition to its high-end MT-G men’s line today with the new MTGB1000B-1A4. With its bold red urethane band, black IP case and sharp red and silver accents on the dial, this new model is G-SHOCK’s classic blend of toughness and style distilled.

Casio carved a unique niche in the luxury watch market with G-SHOCK and the MT-G line by combining sophistication and practicality – and the MTGB1000B-1A4 contains all the elements that have played such a vital role in achieving that standalone status.

G-SHOCK doesn’t stint on the features we’ve come to expect from this unique range of timepieces.

The MTGB1000B-1A4 also sports the following:

  • Two-Way Time Sync, which incorporates Multi-Band 6 Atomic timekeeping that adjusts itself for the utmost precision on the fly.
  • Low-power Bluetooth capability, which pairs with the G-SHOCK connected app and uses your phone to maintain perfectly accurate hour and date displays no matter where you go.
  • Self-charging ability using tough solar technology.
  • Tough Movement tech with a light core guard and carbon-fiber resin case merge in a design that’s intended for day-long wear under any number of conditions.

That’s in addition to the usual premium features that distinguish the entire MT-G line like Triple G Resist shock guard and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.



Additional features include the usual G-SHOCK 200 Meter water and shock resistance, Super Illuminator LED light, a full automatic calendar, stopwatch and countdown, and daily alarm functions.

The MTGB1000B-1A4 will be available at select jewelers and on gshock. com for $900 beginning in May.

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