May 19, 2024

Charlotte Tilbury’s, new skincare products, gave me the smoothest skin, of my life

Charlotte Tilbury is no stranger to skincare, with Magic Cream and Goddess Skin Clay Mask among her cult products.

Her latest drop is a cleaning duo that she calls a ‘miracle spa-in-a-jar duo’. It’s a two-part ritual; step one is a coconut oil-based, vitamin C ‘glow-boosting’ citrus oil, which removes makeup, and step two is a bamboo charcoal cleanser to ‘purify’.

The ritual also includes a muslin cloth to enhance results.


After years of struggling with acne previously, I take skincare seriously. Cleansing is an important step in my skincare routine and I’m always on the hunt for something that will cleanse my skin thoroughly and make my skin glow.


I want all traces of my makeup gone and my skin to feel clean without the squeak. I don’t like anything overly stripping or harsh as my oily-combination skin can be sensitive and prone to dryness.

People with combination skin are going nuts for this clever cleanser


The Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual contains everything you need for a double cleanse in one set. Plus it’s easy to follow, which I think is the main selling point if you’re new to double cleansing.

At night I massage in step one, the Citrus Oil Radiance Cleanse, straight on top of a full face of makeup and the balmy texture really melts away everything with ease. It’s so gentle around the eyes and I don’t ever have to go in with something separately to remove my mascara.

It contains vitamins A, C and E, which hydrate and brighten the skin, and bergamot, rose and lemon oils, which smell so good and make it really relaxing to apply.

I remove the oil with one side of the muslin cloth after dampening with warm water and then press the clean side into my skin for 20 seconds to open my pores as suggested. I feel like this has been key to drawing out any remaining dirt on my skin.

After the quick steam session, I move on to step two, the Purifying Charcoal Cleanse. The bamboo charcoal draws out toxins and contains amino and fatty acids to balance the skins natural pH. I massage the charcoal cleanser on my face whilst it’s still wet, avoiding the eye area. This cleanser doesn’t produce any suds but turns from dark to light as it’s being worked into the skin. I’ll then take the rinsed muslin cloth to my face again, to remove the second cleanser. After both steps my skin feels really clean but is left super soft and smooth, which is the main thing I love about using these products.

It takes a bit longer to double cleanse, but I definitely prefer taking the extra time to ensure all traces of makeup are gone, allowing my evening skincare to work on my skin more effectively. These products work so well together and I’ve loved using a muslin cloth regularly in my routine as this is something I wasn’t doing already. I’ve really noticed a difference as the texture of the cloth gently exfoliates my skin and seems to have lifted a few old, stubborn dark scars. Combined with the two cleansers my complexion is definitely brighter and clearer.


I absolutely love this set and it has left my skin glowing. It’s an easy routine to follow and all of the products complement each other really well. My skin feels the smoothest it’s felt for a long time so I can’t wait to see how much better my skin looks with continued use.

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