This Smart Fishing Reel Messages Your Phone When You’ve Got a Bite

The Tackobox Smart Connect fishing reel automatically sends a message to a smartphone when a bite is detected, freeing up anglers to tend to other lines, organize gear, or simply crack a beer and chill out.

If you’ve ever dreamed of hands-free fishing, we have the high-tech product for you.

Hands-free fishing technology that lets you drink even more beer than usual.

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The outdoorsy device features an aluminum spool, a lightweight composite construction, a five-bearing anti-reverse mechanism, and a 4.7:1 gear ratio.

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The detachable rear module is where the magic happens. It houses a Bluetooth unit, a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 40 hours, and the fish-alerting sensor that transmits a signal to either an Android or Apple smartphone via a free app.

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Alerts can be customized to come in the form of a noise, flashing light or vibration. While the line is being reeled in, the Smart Connect automatically disconnects to prevent unwanted alerts. A button on the reel turns Bluetooth back on.

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The app can monitor up to four Smart Connect reels at once, as well as track weather conditions and GPS coordinates of catches.


As New Atlas notes, Tackobox founder Ed Hope previously built a motion-detecting «Smartrod» seven years ago, so we’re inclined to believe that his newest creation works well.

The Tackobox Gold Series Smart Connect reel retails for $119 online and at North American Walmart locations.

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