Can the cold become a weapon in the struggle for harmony and beauty?

Is warmth always good and frost bad? After the first truly winter day, it seems that there can not be two opinions. However, experts in the field of beauty claim that the best friend of girls is not diamonds, but cold.

Sauna of the Snow Queen or, as it is correctly called, cryosauna is one of the most advanced tools in the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

Such an extreme method of healing and losing weight came up with the Japanese. And now even those who hardly imagine what it means to dive and dive into an ice hole agree to freeze and lose weight. Why? Remember how much effort and time you have on the treadmill, while an inexorable counter shows that you have got rid of at least a hundred kilocalories. A few minutes in the cryosauna can burn more than a thousand – in fact, a full day diet.

How is cryosauna constructed? The temperature in the booth, which is similar to a thermos, but, in essence, is a refrigerator – minus 150-180 degrees. First thought: how is this even possible? However, for 2-3 minutes in a booth a person does not have time to freeze even at such a low temperature. In addition, the hands and feet are worn with socks and woolen mittens.

For one minute of staying in the cryosauna, you can spend from five hundred to one thousand two hundred kilocalories. And this is not just the evaporation of the liquid, as happens in a conventional sauna. In the cryosauna, those calories that were eaten in the form of cakes and fried potatoes are actually spent.

At the same time, the skin condition improves, the cellulite is smoothed, wrinkles are tightened, the eyes are shining, and the burst of energy and enthusiasm is such that the Earth can be turned even without a fulcrum. And this is not an artistic image. The amazing property of cryosauna is that with a sharp and powerful cooling in the body there is an active release of endorphins – hormones of happiness.

Therefore, the fear of cold after the first session disappears, and it is replaced by a powerful charge of energy. After cooling, the body’s defenses increase, the vessels first narrow, then expand, thereby improving blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

After cryosauna, the effectiveness of massage increases, and all procedures for weight loss and fight against cellulite become several times more effective. Moreover, another amazing effect of cryosauna is that the inflow of energy after it remains for another 6 hours, so the effectiveness of fitness will increase by 40%. Even the muscles become more elastic, like after a warm-up, so that the exercises will be easier to perform.

Yes, by the way, if the corporate party was so successful that the next morning it hurts to recall – cryosauna will help to save both health and appearance. The same few minutes in the ice sauna will restore vivacity to the body, the head – clarity, and the face – a fresh color. And the surplus calories consumed at the party will be taken away.

To cryosauna has benefited you, it is enough to observe the following rules: 

• if you decide to lose weight, do not eat for 2 hours after the procedure;
• you must have at least a minimum of clothes, but better without it at all. The larger the area of ​​exposure to cold, the more pronounced the effect;
• Do not breathe vapors of liquid nitrogen;
• Do not go outside immediately after the procedure. It is better to relax 10 minutes indoors.
• Consultation of the doctor is necessary.

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