April 19, 2024

Beyoncé Paired Her Little Black Dress With Pink 6-Inch Heels

Beyoncé has transformed into a Versace doll complete with accessories. The icon recently shared photos wearing a look from the brand’s fall 2021 collection consisting of a black safety-pin minidress, pink drawstring purse, and matching platform heels towering at six inches.

A beautifully tacky cup, also by Versace, completed the outfit. Beyoncé’s stylist, K. J. Moody, described the look as “Malibu Bey Barbie Dream. ”

Despite their intimidating height, Beyoncé’s satin heels have also been worn by several other famous faces: most notably, Bella Hadid modeled the pink pair on the runway, while Ariana Grande wore a yellow pair in a segment on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Shop the hot-pink heels, as well as similar pairs, ahead.

Peer Through the Prism to See Selena Gomez’s Rainbow of Hair Colors in Her “999” Music Video

Selena Gomez’s hair is blue. Wait, no, it’s purple. Wait, no, it’s yellow. On Aug. 27, the Only Murders in the Building actress dropped her “999” music video with Camilo and used the visual as an opportunity to try out a rainbow of hair colors.

Gomez recently returned to her darker roots after going bleach-blond earlier this year, but in the video, she wears a variety of colorful wigs to fit the trippy, kaleidoscope mood. Instead of matching her purse to her shoes, Gomez goes all in by matching her hair to her gowns.

Gomez doesn’t typically take super-drastic measures with her hair (although, who can forget her infamous blue highlights on the Teen Vogue red carpet? ), so her many wigs act as an exciting departure from the norm. The styles are different lengths as well, giving variety and personality to each look. Although none of the colors was permanent, we’d definitely be down to see Gomez take on another fun shade sometime soon. Check out the best hairstyles from Gomez’s “999” music videos ahead.

Another Oscar on the Way For H. E. R. ? The Singer Signs on to The Color Purple Movie Musical

Alice Walker’s acclaimed The Color Purple is being adapted once more. Decades after Steven Spielberg’s 1985 adaptation received accolades, a film is in the works inspired by the similarly lauded stage musical, which originally ran from 2005 to 2008, and then again from 2015 to 2017. With casting now underway, it’s been announced that the film will also see the acting debut of H. E. R.

H. E. R. has reportedly been cast as aspiring singer Squeak, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The role was portrayed by Rae Dawn Chong in the 1985 film, and Krisha Marcano in the original Broadway run. Corey Hawkins was also recently added to the cast, in news shared by Deadline, although his role has not yet been announced.

Slated to direct is Black Is King co-director Blitz Bazawule, while Oprah Winfrey, whose portrayal of Sofia in the Spielberg adaptation earned her an Oscar nomination, has signed on as a producer. It’ll be quite a while before this movie musical hits theaters, however, as the release date is currently set for Dec. 20, 2023. In the meantime, scroll ahead to learn more about the Color Purple cast so far.

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