All of the most stylish cycling kit you need to shop if your bike is your new best friend

Enter: Coronavirus – the virus which single handedly changed my mind. In fear of stepping foot on sweaty public transport anytime soon, I began considering cycling as a feasible option for getting just about *anywhere*.

And now I’m hooked. I’ve been cycling around the country lanes that surround my parents’ house almost every night after work, and I plan to cycle in the city when I finally return to London. Take it from the most unlikely cycler of them all: it’s really good fun.

I’ve never been an avid cycler. In fact, pre-lockdown, I could’ve counted the times I’d sat on a bike as an adult on one hand. I couldn’t quite grasp why *anyone* would want to spend an hour on a bike of a morning when they could hop on a tube and be at their desk in ten.

I’m not alone in my new obsession. Brompton, the UK’s largest bike manufacturer who make almost 50,000 folding bikes every year have seen a staggering fivefold increase in online sales since the beginning of April. Halfords reported a 23% increase in share price, while the Association of Cycle Traders reported that up to 20,000 bikes which have already been sold are awaiting building and delivery.

Collette Clensy, European Marketing Manager at female-dedicated cycling brand Liv told me: “We’ve seen unprecedented demand for cycling since lockdown; understandably people are looking at alternative ways to commute, exercise and get fresh air and cycling is the perfect solution.

“We think people will be motivated to embrace cycling as a better way to move for themselves and the environment. We’re optimistic that demand will remain strong, with government investment to improve infrastructure for cycling and walking, people might just fall in love with two wheels.”

With the renaissance of cycling in mind, we’ve already paid homage to the best women’s bikes that money can buy, plus the best bikes for women under £300. We’ve also rounded up the best cycling helmets to keep you safe as you ride. (*So* important).

But what about everything else that goes with it? The water bottles, bike-appropriate clothing, baskets, bags and lights? If you’re as obsessed with cycling as many other millennial women now are, there’s a lot you can invest in to make your cycling experience that little bit more enjoyable.

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