Whitney’s New Favorite Earrings Get Weirder as You Get Closer

Earrings are pretty much the only form of jewelry I wear anymore, but I have them on basically anytime I leave my house. In the years since I first started wearing my hair in a buzzcut, they’ve become so much the norm for me that I feel a bit naked without them.

And if I’m going to go to the trouble of putting them on, I generally prefer that they be the kind of jewelry you notice – which is a long way of saying I have a thing for statement earrings, whether they come in the form of furry hoops or life-size gold koi or Matisse-esque mobiles or fancy padlocks.

Just like me, tbh. Position V earrings, $172, available here.

The latest earrings to catch my eye are these whimsical sterling silver pieces from MM Druck, a label that hand-makes all of its pieces in Los Angeles using responsibly-sourced materials. I like that they’re a little weird (are those mini figures doing gymnastics? falling out of the porthole of a ship? pulling off an “Ocean’s 11”-style heist?), but from afar, they just look classy and maybe even subtle. Normal from a distance, weird the closer you get? Yep, sounds like a perfect fit for me.

Position V earrings, $172, available here.

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