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Many, many years ago, elegant sarafans were kept at the bottom of the chest and passed from grandmothers to granddaughters. Fashion has not changed for centuries, and the value of clothing was determined by its quality, and not coincidence with the idea of ​​the seasonal beauty of several people who practice the pattern in Paris.

Now the price for a thing can decrease two-fold within a couple of months – in March a new spring-summer collection unpleasantly surprised consumers with numbers on price tags, and in July all floral dresses, linen trousers, colorful sandals and catchy clips became for many pocket. In the shops of the city there are discounts and sales.

SHE recommends not to be late – all the best is usually disassembled at once.

SHE presents an overview of discounts and sales in the city’s shops


Will the summer or not – even meteorologists do not know. But in fashion stores realized that those who hoped to flaunt in open clothes, already bought it for the full price. The rest, cautious, embarrassed the rain and the crisis, and to attract to purchase a colorful calico sarafan they can only lower the number of thousands on the price tag. Due to this lyrical reason, or traditionally on the marketing calendar, sales of summer collections began everywhere.

For example, in “Bennetone” everything is given 50%, the end of the action has not yet been determined, and as a result, for example, an emerald fitting dress from tight jersey instead of 3400 begs home for 1700, and painted rubber boots for 999 rubles. In Oggi islands sell-out collection – for example, bright denim jackets for 1000 rubles are next to a new, monochrome autumn line – to reduce prices for color will be,

In the store Zara you want to pinch yourself, checking if it’s a dream – dress-cases for 999 rubles, summer straight trousers, windbreakers and colored tunics for 1500! The end of the discount will coincide with the moment when they will buy the last thing – that is very soon. 

In Mango they give everything at once: “The whole assortment has started selling and until the end is planned, – says Irina Prygina, the store’s menthendayzer. – Beautiful dresses from the spring-summer collection are sold at half price, the cost starts from 999 rubles, and T-shirts and tops with a 70% discount cost 250-300 rubles. ”

Underwear and swimsuits

Wait and keep the price of swimwear is completely unreasonable, so in all the shops of linen sales reach 70%. For example, during the whole summer in “Bustier” you can find a bikini of the brand “Vendetta” for 1000 rubles. In the store Marks Spencer prices for swimwear with sea-themed themes are reduced to 1050 top, 699 rubles bottom. In Oysho, according to consultants, there are discounts for almost everything – sleeping sets with shorts, glamorous jerseys and sports shirts, home shoes and bras can be bought with markdowns ranging from 50 to 300 rubles: “In addition, there is an action when 499 rubles are given things hanging on a special rack, and the sale will end when everything is sold. ”


In the shoe stores grandiose sales, and discounts do not give on demi-season shoes, but on summer shoes and sandals. For example, in Carlo Pazolini, where at the usual time for shoes it is necessary to give 4-5 thousand rubles, now there are many models of both open and closed summer shoes (mainly old collection) – a pair of shoes can be purchased for 1500 rubles! In Sketchers, a 30% discount on women’s sneakers – instead, say, 2400 rubles, a nice pink model costs 1680 rubles.

In Carnaby attract ads for discounts of 50%, on the shelves of the store you can find summer shoes and shoes for 1999 rubles.

In Ascania, the discounts are always taken seriously: “Now we have a big summer sale,” explains Elina Pikhalova, head of the marketing and advertising department. – Discounts 20, 40, 70% on shoes and bags will last until August 10, and from July 1, a special offer is added – shoes for 990 rubles. ”

Perfume and lipstick

No summer or winter, but only on March 8 makes perfume shops totally reduce prices. But if you look, you can find pleasant drops in this pool for shopping. In “Perfume” are “brutal discounts” – not for everything, but for many positions the price is significantly reduced: for example, the green roller gel Garnier for the skin around the eyes costs 199 rubles., Ink L’Oreal Extra-Volume Collagene (it is advertised by Eva Longry) instead of 500 rubles is 350. Sale also touched perfume – many perfumes, cost, for example, 2000 sell for 1500 rubles. In “Yves Rocher” for decorative cosmetics and perfumes in July, a 30% discount is given.

In store of natural cosmetics Lush at purchase of shampoo and cosmetic tiles all July give jars for storage of any pleasant things for personal care.

Agree, the pleasant appearance of cosmetics on the shelves pleases not less than the effect of it on the skin.

Beads and bracelets

Summer is a time to hang jewelery on oneself, especially plastic or textile decorations on an open body look good. In Marmalato, total sales with discounts are promised only at the end of July, but now a lot of goods are given at a bargain price – for example, earrings with blue pebbles for 150 rubles.

The huge posters in Accessorize report that they give things for 1/2 of the price: “Since June 24, there has been a sale with discounts from 30 to 70%, it will last the whole of July,” says regional manager Ekaterina Smolkina. – Bijouterie, children’s jewelry – 50%, bags, slippers and other footwear – 30%. ” Make your own conclusions – if you do not have a discount earrings here are 300-500 rubles, ballet shoes – 1500, and bags – 1000-2000.

Discounts and sales are an excellent invention of marketers. If you plan to buy and monitor the ads, you can replenish the wardrobe, even in hard times of layoffs. Just do not forget that if you buy the thing you like, you save 50%, and after thinking and deciding to give up the next blouse, you will save all 100.

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