May 25, 2024

23 Pieces of Rainbow Jewelry to Get You into Summer’s Most Fun Trend

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Unlike shoes or hats or bags, jewelry trends aren’t the easiest to spot or keep track of – even when you’re a fashion editor and it’s more or less your job to do just that.

On the flip side, trends in the jewelry space evolve at a decidedly slower pace than all of their fellow accessories, especially when we’re talking about the world of fine jewelry, where each and every piece is a serious investment.

Recently, though, it’s been hard not to notice the playful rainbow-brights that have invaded the space, from the multicolored precious and semiprecious stones to the kitschy earrings and bracelets reminiscent of summer camp craft time.

They’re just plain fun! And whether you’re an established color enthusiast or a minimalist open to a sweet, subtle statement, we promise there’s an option out there for just about anyone and every budget.

Click through the gallery below and check out some of the very best kaleidoscope gems available right now.

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