Under the skirt

The crisis inevitably reduces the “cloakroom” budget. Patient and endowed with imagination return to the practice of individual tailoring and self-made accessories – this practice is beautiful, but not suitable for everyone.

The conclusion is that you need to buy cheaper things, and accustomed to light and warm fitting dressmakers frighten each other by returning to the flea market. But before you reduce the class of things, you should try to change your attitude to shopping – a systematic approach and self-discipline can work wonders in your wallet.

Avoid unnecessary costs, you can change the attitude to shopping and choosing things-transformers

White collars

The insidious essence of things great humorist Teffi exhaustively described in the story “Life and the collar” – a housewife, pampered herself with the purchase of a smart collar. The collar demanded a new blouse, then a skirt and shoes, then a striped sofa, then a haircut and start smoking … It is not known where this former modest woman would go if the demonic rag was not lost in the laundry.

“Collars” – things provocative offensive embezzlement – really exist and take different forms.

“Collar” can be, for example, a wonderful dress that requires special shoes and handbags, but even after their purchase is not worn, because … it was necessary to think before that with a jacket it can not be worn. Even more insidious “collars” – stale things in the closet, bought by mistake or morally obsolete. Conscience requires putting them into operation. And then we justify the unnecessary purchase like this: “I’ll wear this blouse with that skirt!”. As a result, the waste is doubled, and the skirt is not worn, because, strictly speaking, it’s just too short.

After the “collars” are expelled from the wardrobe – enough to put them in a box and remove from sight, – it will be easier to plan purchases strategically. And what remains – the right, tested and worn regularly – will be very similar to the basic wardrobe, from which you should dance.

Harmony in the closet

The basic wardrobe is the minimal set of things covering all occasions, easily combining among themselves. Usually it includes business trousers, a skirt and a jacket, knitted “deuce”, jeans; traditionally, small black dresses and a white shirt are considered as chopsticks. The theory of the basic wardrobe was invented by Americans in the middle of the twentieth century – to help working women who do not have time to reflect on the attire. But it can save a lot of money.

The basic wardrobe is built on a well thought out color scheme. So, for a young lady, gravitating toward gentle pastel shades, a red bag is not a matter of prime necessity. It does not fit much of the wardrobe – which means you’ll have to buy at least one more.

Discipline yourself by setting yourself a formula for buying things: each new must fit in at least two (three, four) sets. 

This does not mean that things should be necessarily boring – the original bag made of gray quilted felt can become an individual “chip” of the owner of a wardrobe of cool shades (and, moreover, is cheaper than leather). “The main thing is to increase the functionality of things, so that by adding accessories a simple thing, you could create several images – for example, for work and for a party,” comments Natalia Troyan, the image maker.

After a pile of rags turns into an okay working transformer, in which it’s enough to replace parts, shopping will become easier, and offensive spending (“lots of bags, no one is suitable”) will stop.

Stop the flow of money “in the trinkets” can be established by the rule: either buy a jewelry, just needed for a particular image, or choose universal things that you can literally not shoot.

We go to the intelligence service

It is those who think strategically that it is best to save on the three main whales of inexpensive shopping – drains, second-hand and sales. Here the rules are known for a long time: do not miss the trend of the outgoing season and first assess the degree of need and attractiveness of things, and only then enjoy reading the price tag.

Otherwise, you can buy another “collar”, being seduced by a magic discount. If you clearly know what is missing in the wardrobe now, and what will be missed next season, you can select a whole class of things to buy only on sales. T-shirts, jeans, knitwear, classic shoes and outerwear …

“If you try, decent shoes can be bought on sale for a coherent money,” says stylist-shopper Elena Vaiman. – It just has to be a classic, not the fashion of the outgoing season. For more serious and important moments, you buy quality classics, and on other days you can choose something simpler. ”

It is useful to expand the list of shops visited, looking into an unknown place. It seems that in the teen shops there is nothing but annoying music and rhinestones – but there you can dig up, say, simple T-shirts for the summer, cheaper than the usual ones.

A girl who is not interested in ethnic style will never look into the shop with Chinese and Uzbek goods, but in vain: for example, in a similar shop in Kalinina Square, a SHE correspondent among the painted gowns found the product of globalization – a huge white gas scarf for 200 rubles.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Coming from a ruined aristocratic German clan Alexander von Schoenburg in a witty book “The Art of Stylish Poverty” advises you to play on the psychological features: we receive joy not from the satisfaction of needs, but from his anticipation. As an example of a literate-and, imagine, free-shopping experience, Mr. Schönburg leads a lady who enters the store with the intention of buying shoes, tries on several pairs and promises to come back later. Or goes to the checkout with a bottle of perfume, but, standing in line and bored, returns the goods to the place.

Crisis is a wonderful occasion to change something in yourself. It has long been not so clear that it is dangerous to make happiness dependent on the number of shoes. And for a long time there was not such an acute reason to be cured of the provincial desire to “look rich”. “We still have a lot of Asian desire to show off, which turns into a bad taste: it’s the studs for all occasions, and the wearing of gold by day,” continues Mrs. Wyman. Getting rid of some habits, you can find that simple and stable shoes – just by technical characteristics – live longer than the “heaped” and on the stiletto heels. A stylish costume jewelry is not only cheaper than a “jeweler” (usually), but it also looks more harmonious with everyday clothes.

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