Zara just launched its first-ever lingerie collection

Launching today, Zara has finally revealed its first ever lingerie collection – and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want every single piece.

The very epitome of understated allure and contemporary, elegant sophistication, the line boasts everything from high-waist sets to skimpy ones, sculpting pieces to pyjamas, slips, dressing gowns and even the most perfect Sunday-on-the-sofa two-piece.

Just as we were getting used to piling on more and more layers of clothing, Zara’s latest launch has made us want to take them all off again. And, for once, it’s not to put on yet another of their epic dresses.

Launching at just the right time, as several areas within the UK are plunged into varying stages of lockdown vol.2, these pieces make staying indoors for the foreseeable a far more appealing scenario, with a smorgasbord of ‘nightwear’ options that are just too good to be worn only whilst you’re sleeping.

Priding itself on putting the focus very much on the ‘female gaze’, the collection is an undeniable celebration of modern femininity through our own eyes. It’s not about ‘lifting’ and ‘boosting’, but rather about cupping and skimming, fitting and flattering.

It’s comfortable in the sexiest way imaginable, with pieces crafted from only the highest quality, most luxurious fabrics.

From silks and airy tulles to cosy cottons and warm wools, it explores a soft and sensual colour palette of soft creams and blush pinks, dusky blues and warm nudes with a backbone edit of staple, sexy black pieces that would sit happily in just about any underwear drawer.

If this is just a debut, we can’t wait to see what Zara Lingerie has in store. We’ve certainly found a new favourite.

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