June 17, 2024

You Are So Strong For Finding The Courage To Walk Away From The Man Who Hurt You

Dear strong woman,Cheers for leaving the toxic man behind. He didn’t deserve all the attention and the loving things you were doing for him. He didn’t deserve all the passion, hugs, kisses, and your trusting and pure heart. He didn’t deserve all the chances you’ve given him to change.

I know you feel sorry for the time you’ve wasted with him, but you cannot turn back time no matter how much you wish to. All you can do is focus on all the time you have ahead of you to spend it on you. To love yourself. To be there for yourself.

F*ck the people who instead of supporting you for your brave decision, they say “I told you so” or “You should have walked away sooner. ” You don’t need them to tell you what you should have done. You knew it, but you were too in love to leave him. Plus, your gentle heart wanted to believe in him and give him another chance. And that’s okay.

Stop feeling ashamed for how long you’ve endured the pain from staying with them. Stop telling yourself how stupid you were for thinking they would change. Stop criticizing yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in the past and start feeling proud of yourself.

You should be proud of finding the courage to walk away from him, even though you loved him with all your heart. It takes great strength and willpower to leave someone you love behind and knowingly step into the pain that comes from the final goodbye.

You should be proud of yourself for deciding not to waste another minute of your life on them. You should congratulate yourself for walking away and realizing that you deserve much more than their drama and toxicity. You deserve peace. You deserve love and happiness.

You are a strong woman because you’ve done something not everyone is able to do it.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve forgiven him so many times for lying, abusing you, or cheating on you. It doesn’t matter the number of tears that have fallen from your eyes when you were begging him not to leave you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost yourself and your confidence while loving him.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, you are brave and amazingly strong for walking away from all that mess and living on your own now.

You are strong for realizing you’ve reached your limit with him. You are strong for surviving the devastating pain and heartache. You are strong…

You are strong for finally learning what you deserve and how you want to be treated. You learned that you shouldn’t give you all to someone who doesn’t meet you halfway. You learned how to love yourself and haveregained your confidence back. Now, you are a whole new woman with higher standards for yourself.

Because, now you know that most than anything – you deserve RESPECT.

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