May 25, 2024

Where Is the Acne in Beauty Ads For Acne Products?

You would think that ads for acne-focused products would display some sort of blemish, but that’s rarely the case. In the beauty industry, when a brand announces it will no longer retouch their models, it’s considered a big deal – and don’t get us wrong, we do commend them for it – but it really should be expected.

Acne is a widespread, common skin concern. Everyone has experienced a breakout or two at least once in their life.

Practically every beauty brand on the market makes a product to target it – be it a concealer to cover or a spot treatment to heal – so why is it so hard to find acne in campaign imagery?

It’s important to show examples of diverse models with real skin with pimples, and uneven skin texture, and other imperfections. It normalizes all skin conditions and empowers people to feel confident and naturally beautiful without the need to hide part of themselves. Let us explain.

Why Showing Acne in Beauty Campaigns Matters

“Retouched skin in beauty ads greatly contributes to harmful and unrealistic beauty standards that still exist in the industry,” Jasmine Glass, one of the founders of SPKTRM Beauty, told POPSUGAR. As a brand, SPKTRM Beauty launched under this ideology and has banned retouching on all models from the very start.

This decision helps make its marketing materials feel more relatable and authentic, rather than unattainable, but it goes even deeper than that.

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