What is the upside down bikini trend taking over Instagram?

Well, thanks to the frankly teeny tiny nature of string bikinis, there’s somewhat of a looser set of rules.

But while this once offered up a little freedom in terms of tying the straps together as a halterneck or separately to the base string in a more classic bra style, this season has seen influencers not only experiment with the rulebook but actually throw it out all together.

Just when you thought this summer could get no more peculiar, those who have made it abroad for a few days in the sun – or even the occasional trend-setter sunbathing in her garden – have taken it upon themselves to introduce a new direction in the world of swimwear trends. An by a new direction, we mean a full 180° switch up…

You know when you’re putting on a t-shirt, you stick your head in the big hole and your arms through the two smaller ones, right?

And when you slip on a pair of jeans, you dedicate one of your legs to each of the two long tubes of fabric, yes?

What are they doing instead? They’re wearing the bikini upside down.

While that may initially sound like an inoffensive, almost un-noticeable way to wear a triangle bikini, when you consider the fact that these ‘triangles’ are in fact isosceles – not equilateral – and therefore change shape quite dramatically when flipped 180°.

Giving more or a side-scoop type of coverage, this trend is undoubtedly more risqué than a regular triangle shape.

But what surprised us even more than these influencers wearing their bikinis upside down, was that we weirdly don’t hate it. It’s actually a super cute, creative alternative to the classic.

And if it adds versatility, and therefore more wearability, to a single item – therefore reducing your ‘need’ for *another* bikini – we’re all for it. It’s ticking all sorts of cost-per-wear/sustainability boxes…

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