Is the fashion set’s favourite new shoulder trend set to overtake the puffed sleeve?

From wedding guest dresses to wedding gowns themselves, t-shirts to shirts, blazers to coats, the puffed sleeve has made a very viable home for itself across every single item, which is what’s made it such a universally popular style.

It seemed, for a good few seasons, that there was little else in the sleeve-wear arena to threaten the puff’s position at the top. But that was before the fashion set reignited the world’s love for Princess Diana’s favourite look; the bold shoulder.

While some (most!) trends come and go, every now and then one comes along with real staying power.

Take the straight-leg jean, or the black ankle boot, or the strappy sandal – the staple items that combine to curate the perfect capsule wardrobe are examples of pieces that rarely fall out of style.

And in recent years, there’s been another style staple that looks set to join these more traditionally ‘staple’ items; the puffed sleeve. Seeming to defy seasons, the puffed sleeve has found a way of infiltrating every inch of our wardrobe’s aesthetic.

Shoulder pads are no doubt one of the most memorable and well-loved wardrobe staples from the eighties, but other than the occasional dalliance with one for a particularly punchy evening look, they’ve spent several years on the sartorial periphery.

Finally, they’re back in the mainstream.

But it’s not just Diana’s preferred blazers and dresses that have been given the bold-shoulder treatment. In fact, one of the fashion set’s favourite look right now is the shoulder-padded vest.

Perfect tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans or denim shorts they’re the ultimate choice for anyone looking to add edge to their silhouette without opting for anything *too* daring.

Scroll down for our Fashion Editor’s pick of the very best shoulder-padded pieces available right now, from vests to blouses, blazers to dresses…

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