April 20, 2024

What clothes will put an end to your career, and which will help to achieve an increase

At work, we spend a third of life, and if we consider that out of twenty-four hours eight fall on a dream, it can be said that half of wakefulness. For women, it is especially difficult to live half the youth, hiding their beauty.

However, trying to put her on display at work, quite often ladies put an end to their career. What clothes interfere with women at work – in the material SHE.

Help:Dress code – a manner adopted in a certain company, usually, assuming a business style of dress.

The dress code – publicly or not – was adopted in about half of the more or less large companies in Novosibirsk, the personnel agency People of the Cause said. In principle, this is logical. Firstly, because at work you are no longer you, but the face of the company, and the company may not like it, if this person has a black bra from under her blouse with lurex, she, the company, did not plan to show anything like that to their customers. Secondly, no matter what they say, but even if you do not communicate with clients, in big collectives you do not really like freaks.

“At the interview the applicant is often checked for communication skills and the ability to” join the team. ”As you know, in any social group, those who do not get too out of bounds for this group are easier and quicker, “says stylist-shopper Mikhail Gushinets. However, some prefer to beat out.

Hide sex

The most frequent problem with the appearance of applicants for a position is inappropriate protrusion of one’s own sexuality, says Svetlana Smolnikova, director of the People’s Affairs Department. According to her, among the girls who claim to be a secretary, staff or an employee of the human resources department, lovers of leopard-fitting dresses, false nails, bright make-up and … chignons are still very common. Such girls took to themselves in small offices bosses in dashing 90’s.

“Such secretaries are no longer needed by employers, and there are a lot of them,” Svetlana Smolnikova says, even with a good resume, such pretenders get refusals.

The problem is indicated by the declared bans in companies, born, most likely, not from scratch, but after the unexpected appearance of a serious expert in the dress of a stripper.

“Our company prohibits transparent sweaters, lacquer boots, corsets, mini, tops, sportswear, torn jeans,” says Elena Kosmintseva, HR Director of DoubleGIS. – On Friday, we have a dress code weaker, but in the corset with rhinestones, you can not come to work anyway. ”

Causes explaining the passion of women naked at work, a few. There is a shortage of men, and impregnation with sex advertising and movies, and the desire for increased attention to his person to compensate for self-doubt. But there are also social reasons that women dress to work as if at any time ready to shoot a porn film.

“Liberal ideas dictate the superiority of man over society, and when all the same, we cease to be personalities, we become a collective. Ideology liberal suggests that the team – this is nonsense, each for himself. And in order to separate, it is necessary to differ “, – the psychotherapist Igor Pozhidaev believes that those who have found the school uniform are much easier to put up with the dress code. To those who have passed Soviet childhood, any restriction in clothing seems to infringe upon the freedom of the individual.

Dress for improvement

Match the business dress code in the interview – one goal. In the future, many do not consider it necessary to adhere to it every day. However, the lack of an adequate wardrobe can cause a prolonged increase, says Natalia Gold, a stylist and coach.

“It is important to show with your appearance that you are ready for a new responsibility: visiting a meeting or communicating with large customers – let it not be part of your duties, but your you can demonstrate to your superiors that you are ready for them. “

At ready for all vicissitudes of the fate of the employee should be in the wardrobe is very specific things, the stylist advises: jacket, several blouses, skirt, pants, dress, vest.

Of the adornments is admissible classics – for example, pearls. The important accessories with which you can stand out a little are the bag, pen, diary, Natalya Gold believes: “But at this stage you do not have to stick yourself out too much, it’s important to match the bosses’ ideas about what their employee should be. ”

Natalia considers the problem of Russia the dominance of black in offices, and yet black is the color of power, and demonstrating it daily at work is out of place. Much more winning will look dark blue. The most inconspicuous color is gray. Also, the combination in a dress of monochrome shades plays well in your favor – this creates a sense of tightness, of the person’s concentration, ready for work.

On special rights

However, there are those who violate the dress code. These are system administrators, engineers, economists, testers and other employees who carry their watch away from the client’s eyes.

“You can forgive an unusual appearance for an employee who occupies almost any position, if he is a very good specialist, necessary for the company”, – the director of the personnel agency “People of Affairs” shares his experience.

However, firstly, not every employee can boast of his indispensability, and secondly, according to the observations of personnel officers, as a rule, very smart women rarely look bad.

“I think that an intelligent woman can not be inattentive to her appearance. As Coco Chanel said, if a woman under 30 did not become a beauty, she is either lazy or stupid, “-

Elena Kosmintseva believes that if a woman, for example, is an ingenious programmer, but indifferent to appearance, her super-brain will still do its thing. Let it not become an office beauty, but it will always look neat and adequate to the situation.

Sex in law

Constantly faced with the need to select a wardrobe, Natalia Gold advises: if you are not ready to make such sacrifices for the sake of your place of work, change it to a more suitable one, so as not to cause prolonged stress.

If the parting with the team that observes the dress code is not part of your plans, some tricks will help fight the stress. Sexuality and femininity can be very exquisitely emphasized without provoking a condemning whisper or an obvious reprimand, Mikhail Gushinets advises: “Firstly, the heel is always very feminine and sexy. Secondly, the skirt, leaving room for imagination, is the optimal length to the middle of the knee. If the breast is your main virtue, it should not be flaunted, it’s better to add a restrained accessory to the décolleté zone. “

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